I Just Launched My First Kickstarter

There’s a nasty little rumor swirling that I’ve run out of money and am desperate for funds as I complete my continental road trip and attempt self-publishing a book full of the stories I’ve found along the way.

Oh, right. That nasty little rumor is actually true.

Some time ago I realized that if I wanted to complete this #RunningTo road trip the “right” way, I would need to collect more funds. Eventually. By some miracle, I made it 6 months and 18,000 miles without accumulating any debt.

I’d like to keep that positive fiscal trend going. But I need some help.

That’s where my first Kickstarter comes in.


If the primary purpose of this trip had been to find a new home, I could have cut out a lot of extraneous stops along the way. Places I knew in a million years I’d never live.

But something funny happened somewhere between the Grand Canyon and Eden. I realized the primary purpose of this trip didn’t center on me; it was about others. People. It was always about the people.

If a friend in Omaha wanted me to come visit, then why wouldn’t I?

If a reader in Manitoba wanted to cook me a meal, why wouldn’t I drive up for dinner?

If a long lost friend from high school wanted to reconnect after a decade, shouldn’t I go for it?

I can’t count the number of precious people I’ve met along the way. Forty American states and six Canadian provinces later, my cup overfloweth.

And yet I see a smidgen more still on the horizon.

Maryland, DC, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, western Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia: I haven’t forgotten about you. I want to see you. I just need some assistance getting to you.

Between now and December 25, anyone will have the opportunity to donate to my Kickstarter — something I’m calling #RunningToHome. By donating, you’ll be funding two critical facets of this trip:

You’ll be funding the final legs of my journey (ending approximately in February), and you’ll be funding the self-publication of a book I craft from this trek.

Here’s a lovely elaborating video from the shores of Acadia National Park in Maine. It’ll explain me better than me right now. Take it away, chilly/bearded Tom:

I hope you’ll donate to my journey! If I don’t raise $2,500 by the December 25th deadline, I won’t get any of it. After just a couple days, I’m over 30% of the way there. I’m hopeful, and I’m continuing my trip this month on the assumption that the funds will be 100% there by January.

Hope has gotten me to the other side of this continent with a lot of zigs and zags in between. I refuse to let go of hope.

If you can give $250 and get a chicken named after you, that’d be awesome. There are still plenty of nameless chickens in Rochester, New York eager for names.

But if you can only give $10, that’s just as awesome. You’ll get a shout-out in my book, and it will fuel yet another day of my journey home.

I don’t know where “home” is just yet, but I have this sneaking suspicion it’ll be here soon.

With your help, I’ll get there and live to tell the tale. Won’t you wander with me?