#RunningTo VLOG: Hunting Island Lighthouse

#RunningTo: Hunting Island Lighthouse, SC

I’M SORRY, GUYS. I haven’t posted nearly as many video blogs as I envisioned doing prior to #RunningTo. Lately I’ve been posting some 10-second video clips on Instagram, but it’s not the same as epic explorations sprinkled with word vomit.

I promise this wandering vlog isn’t as gross as I just described it. It comes from DAY 243 of this long journey as I scale the Hunting Island lighthouse on the southeastern shores of South Carolina! Hunting Island was such a unique experience — where tropical jungle meets sandy beach.

Wander with me 136 feet into the heavens as I talk about the insanity of oceans and Kickstarters and the ultimate endgame of this trek!

Ever visit Hunting Island or scale a lighthouse? Any ideas on epic creative ways to close my road trip soon?