Weekly Web Wanderings: I’m Going to France in 2033

It’s that special time of the week where I condense the very best of my world wide web wanderings into a single post. As always, you can follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest for all my wonderful web wanderings as they occur throughout the week.

Onward to the WWW!

Weekly Web Wanderings


So, apparently this Mont Saint-Michel place in France turns into an island every 18 years because of the rising “supertide.” WHAT. Is it insane if I went ahead and put a trip to France on my 2033 calendar?


So. Anyone wanna get me a Tentsile? This hammock-tent looks magical.


James Corden, the new Late Late Show host, teams up with Tom Hanks in this hilarious mashup of every single Hanks film. I think this Corden guy is gonna be big.


Colorblind people use a special visor to see certain colors for the very first time. Their reactions are incredible. “Is this what you guys see everyday?”


Hillsong’s Let Hope Rise premieres this spring! It’s a documentary produced by Warner Brothers and directed by Michael John Warren, the same dude who put together a concert-film for Jay-Z. The film follows the global rise of Hillsong United and their ongoing mission to lose themselves in Him. It looks fantastic.


What’d I miss this week in all my web wanderings? Who’s going with me to France in 2033?

  • Collin

    Haha, I’m actually red green colorblind! Someday I may try the glasses… 😀

  • Rebecka

    See ya in 2033. I want to go to there!

  • Elizabeth Ewing

    *Raises hand for trip to France!