Weekly Web Wanderings: To Live in a Van

This is an exciting day. After a year-long hiatus, I’m finally bringing it back: my favorites from the last week in Internet! It’s The Weekend WOW —

actually, introducing my new series, Weekly Web Wanderings. WWW will similarly feature my favorite discoveries from this past week on the Internet, including music and blogs and tweets and whatever else I deem worthy of your wandering.

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Onward to the WWW!

Weekly Web Wanderings


“The Man in the Van” via ESPN. It’s an amazing look inside the minimalist life of Blue Jays pitching prospect, Daniel Norris. He signed a $2 million signing bonus, and he’s currently living out of a van in a Walmart parking lot because, according to him, “this is the way that makes sense.” He shaves with an ax and loves Jesus, and I think I’ve just found my new favorite baseball player.


Tripp and Tyler are back, and their dad is dying. It’s actually quite hilarious and not at all morbid.


Community is back! The sixth season premiered on Yahoo! Screen, and the opening scene sets the groundwork for a new era. Even though several original cast members have departed, the show doesn’t neglect this fact and plods hilariously forward. New episodes every Tuesday! #SixSeasonsAndAMovie


The new Passion album dropped this week, and it’s fantastic. The title track from Even So Come is my favorite of the bunch, though there’s not a dud in the mix.


I’m on Pinterest now! Check me out, follow me, pin me, etc. Warning: I’ll be pinning lots of travel pictures that may or may not induce wanderlust.

Also, I have 25 free copies of my new audiobook to give away! Comment below or shoot me an email for your own free Audible download code. I’d love to hook you up with the vocal edition of Struggle Central.


What’d I miss on the web this week? Got any other last words for Dad?

  • Nice, this seems like a cool feature! I look forward to being caught up on stuff I missed. 🙂

  • Rebecka

    WWW, I like it!

    This scene from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has been making me giggle all week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFuPixjzm8Q

  • Bryon

    I want the audio book!!! Pick me! pick me!!! I can’t afford it and I don’t like reading any more than I have to for graduate school. You rock by the way. I’ll shoot you an email soon. I was waiting until things settle down enough for you.

    • You got it! Just shoot me an email whenever you get a chance and I’ll send back the download code for you.