My #RunningTo Road Trip Playlist

My #RunningTo Road Trip Playlist

I spent 282 days on the road in a car without working speakers. Some might have called my predicament tragic. Many folks offered their disbelieving condolences over the course of 26,301 miles. But my speakerlessness had been nothing new.

My Mitsy actually hasn’t had operable speakers since 2011. While initially tragic, my car’s thundering silence grew on me. Silence is awesome. You can talk to God, you can talk to yourself, and you can pontificate on all life’s mysteries while the road’s snaking yellow line mesmerizes you like a mamba.

Intellection is my top strength, and the blow to Mitsy’s speakers allowed me the space to think like never before. Alas, silence would have only taken me so far on a road trip of this magnitude.

I could’ve replaced Mitsy’s speakers somewhere between 2011 and the Grand Canyon. I could’ve invested a couple hundred bucks in that pursuit. But why sacrifice precious mileage for reverberating beats and melodies?

Plus, it’s not like I was hitting the road totally silent. I had a new iPhone that could produce comparable sounds. Midway through my road trip, I listed some of my favorite podcasts from the road (a list I really need to revisit). But I never compiled any of the music I was jamming to throughout my nine months of wandering.

Until now.

I give you my #RunningTo road trip playlist — perhaps the most random assortment of songs assembled under one Spotify window.

From Hillsong United to Katy Perry and John Mayer to Brandon Heath, my road trip playlist is a worship / indie / acoustic / guilty pleasure explosion. They’re the 77 songs that stuck with me most after nine months on the road.

Feel free to use my #RunningTo road trip playlist for your own road trip or otherwise random adventure!

What songs are on your own random road trip playlist? Let’s trade some tracks for our next respective adventures!

  • Rebecka

    I’ll definitely give your playlist a listen, or five. Lately, my favorite song to listen to in the car is We Will Follow by Jars of Clay featuring Gungor. I don’t really drive that far, so one song is usually enough to get me to my destination… (Side note, José González grew up 12 miles from where I live and an old classmate of mine is currently on tour with him.)

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