Weekly Web Wanderings: Bob Barker Returns!

It’s that special time of the week where I condense the very best of my world wide web wanderings into a single post. As always, you can follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest for all my wonderful web wanderings as they occur throughout the week.

Onward to the WWW!

Weekly Web Wanderings


Bob Barker finally returned to the greatest game show of all-time! He only hosted the first pricing game before Drew Carey emerged, but the whole thing was just perfect.


I was only gonna post one April Fool’s video, but then this one appeared and it’s just too good. Math teacher of the year, or perhaps century?


This dude posted a selfie for every hiked mile of the Pacific Crest Trail, otherwise known as the Appalachian Trail of the West. I loved seeing the background grow gradually less arid and more foresty the further north he hiked. Mile #1838 of his time-lapse video just so happened to be the same locale as my favorite Instagram moment of my road trip.


Hillsong United performed live on The Today Show this week! I mean, it was only the second half of the show with Kathie Lee and Not Kathie Lee, but it was still pretty epic. The girl who sings “Oceans” was there, and Not Kathie Lee even asked who she was just like everyone else who clicks over to my blog. Check out the performance of their new single, “Touch the Sky.”


Jon Acuff’s “Why we need you to be brave.” It’s crazy how boldness and vulnerability can catch and spread in a group. My favorite line from the post: “Bravery goes viral, but one person always has to go first.”


What’d you think of the web this week? Ever have a teacher pull a prank quite like Teacher of the Millennium?

  • Rebecka

    Haha, that teacher’s video prank was awesome!