Weekly Web Wanderings: Goodbye, Dave

It’s that special time of the week where I condense the very best of my world wide web wanderings into a single post. As always, you can follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest for all my wonderful web wanderings as they occur throughout the week.

Onward to the WWW!

Weekly Web Wanderings


David Letterman wrapped his 33-year career with an epic final Late Show this week. His last Top 10 list enlisted the help of some of his favorite funny friends, including a pair of Seinfeld alums with a perfect jab. I remember staying up late to watch Letterman as a kid, and his opening monologue was always such a treat. Big shoes to fill, Mr. Stephen Colbert. Goodbye, Dave!


I cursed them. I totally cursed them. On this week’s Survivor finale, America voted back 20 returning castaways for a second chance. And my two favorites — the very two I lauded in last week’s WWW — didn’t make the cut. Survivor Nation, myself included, is all in a tizzy because both T-Bird and Shane scored very high in multiple “exit polls” around the Internet. They were easily the two biggest snubs of the night, and I feel heartbroken and responsible for making those two my horses to ride. To die.

This “Second Chance” reveal was just so brutal. Their faces. Their beautiful brutalized faces. The whole reveal was an awful yet delectable nine minutes of live television.

Devastated though I am for T-Bird and Shane (their faces!), this season 31 cast looks pretty solid. I cannot wait for the fall.


Hillsong United’s new Empires album drops next week! I’ve listened to a few songs already, and “Touch the Sky” keeps hitting me with all its poetic paradox.

I found my life when I laid it down

Upward falling, spirit soaring

I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground


“A Letter to Myself, On the Night of My Suicide” by my friend Garrett Thomas via Spiritual Friendship. It is a sincere and brave display of vulnerability, and I’m so blessed to know this guy. I find myself often yearning for that “great day” right alongside him.


Who’s your favorite late night host? And more importantly, DID YOU VOTE FOR T-BIRD AND SHANE?

  • Late night TV is past my bedtime, and I didn’t vote because I barely remembered any of the contestants in the running, ha ha. It’s fun to watch repeat players on Survivor, though, so I look forward to next season! I still have to go watch the finale of this season on the ol’ DVR. (It’s nice to be able to fast forward through not only the commercials, but the tedious “It’s time to vote” montage before the votes are read. I get that it builds suspense, but it’s the weakest moment of the show if you ask me. Too long and drawn out.)