Weekly Web Wanderings: My Second Chance Survivor Ballot!

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Onward to the WWW!

Weekly Web Wanderings


So, I’m a huge Survivor fan. I’ve been slowly working out this unhealthy obsession for 15 years, but now I’ve become unhealthily obsessed all over again. The upcoming fall season will be a “Second Chance” season for previous castaways stretching across 30 seasons, and for the first time production is allowing America to choose the cast. The whole cast. You can vote here everyday until May 20th! They’re announcing the Second Chance cast during the season 30 reunion show this Wednesday, and the chosen 20 will actually be leaving THAT NIGHT to begin filming in Cambodia. Pretty epic.

For ANYONE that watches the show and otherwise cares, here’s my ballot.

Women: Kelly, Kimmi, Teresa “T-Bird,” Peih-Gee, Stephanie, Abi Maria, Ciera, Tasha, Kass, Shirin

Men: Jeff, Andrew, Terry, Shane, Stephen, Spencer, Woo, Vytas, Keith, Joe

My main horses in this race are the old school Georgian native, T-Bird, and the cigarette-addicted / craziest person ever cast, Shane. As long as they both make the cut, I could care less about the rest. COME ON, AMERICA.


James Corden. I’m telling you. This guy is gonna blow it up. Here he is playing dodgeball with a now Zayn-free One Direction. ENJOY.


“There is a Crisis in Masculinity: Five Ways I Can Help My Son Grow Up Strong” by Matt Appling at The Church of No People. Matt’s a new father, and I enjoyed his perspective on raising his son in 2015 and beyond. From a tech-free bedroom to lots and lots of hugs, Matt’s fatherhood strategy looks pretty solid.


What’d I miss on the Web this week? Who’s on YOUR Survivor: Second Chance ballot? Are you sad or relieved American Idol will be put out of its misery next year?