Weekly Web Wanderings: Jurassic Cello

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Onward to the WWW!

Weekly Web Wanderings


In honor of the upcoming iteration of the Jurassic Park franchise, check out this woodsy instrumental of the original theme song. It’s kinda mesmerizing. Between this and “Oceans,” I think I’ve grown determined to learn the cello someday. Favorite instrument.


Yes, LOST has been over for five years now. Yes, that finale is still mildly disappointing. But yes, we’re still getting some revelations all these years later. I particularly enjoyed the news that broke this week about what inspired that INSANE season 3 finale. It was my favorite episode of the entire series, and now it makes total sense.


“Confessions of a Reluctant Christian” by Micah J. Murray. He’s a Christian with a complicated history in the Church, and it gives his journey a lot of perspective. A few days later he published “Divorce,” and it’s probably the strongest 1-2 punch from any blogger I’ve ever seen. If you’re not following Micah’s still unfolding journey, you need to be.

This is my relationship with faith, with church, with Jesus. Every time I am swept overboard, every time I leave the church, every time I lose my faith, God grabs me and puts me back in the boat. All my fear and flailing and honest searching and hopeless swearing ultimately have very little to do with my staying. Jesus can’t seem to lose me.


Brandon Heath’s “Behold Our God.” His newest album doesn’t grab me like his folksy story-driven Blue Mountain, but it’s got some punch. This particular lyric video is pretty sweet, too. I kinda just wanna fly around in that drone for a while.


Are you excited for Jurassic World? How do you feel about LOST five years later?

  • I saw Jurassic World over the weekend. While watching it I was consistently thinking “Wait, that doesn’t make any sense.” Afterward I went to dinner with some friends, and we sat around and talked about how little sense the film made, and how many (so many) things were wrong with it. By the time my wife and I got into the car, my conclusion was formed that it really wasn’t a very good movie.

    By the time I was halfway home I DESPERATELY wanted to see it again.

    It’s extremely strange. I’m not one for popcorn flicks, or really very often someone who will want to see a movie again right after watching it. Yet Jurassic World did something to me that made me crave more Jurassic World. After a lot of thought (well, two days worth) I realized the few reasons for this.

    First, nostalgia. Parts of Jurassic World had me 12 years old again, watching Jurassic Park for the third or fourth time in theaters. I was OBSESSED with JP back then. The two sequels really did nothing for me, but this movie brought back so many of the old feelings.

    Second, it totally played to my grumpy-old-man-like tendencies. The end of the film, which I won’t give away, has this wonderful quality that made me want to shake my head and say “Yeah! The old days WERE better! Suck on that, technology!” It was a similar feeling to the recent (semi-recent) Bond movie where 007 basically rigged up homemade booby traps while the new (punk) Q sat around twiddling his thumbs. Suck on that, new Q. You and your stupid attitude, and lame reliance on technology! Bond just rigged a TRIP WIRE SHOTGUN.

    Anyway, those things spoke to me, and even though I know I’m being manipulated, it worked. I want to go back. And I will, next week, because I want to see it at least one more time in theaters, maybe twice. Another big reason for that is the simple fact that Jurassic World would probably SUCK on a small screen. It’s theater or bust, because without that epic size quality I don’t think I’d want to ever see this movie again.

    But ON the big screen… sign me up.

    What did you think of it?

    • I’m actually debating a Jurassic World blog post / TMZ-crossover retrospective. So, maybe you’ll find out what I think soon enough. Or, you know, maybe not. We’ll see.