I’ve Always Wanted a Big Brother

I’ve got a post up today at my collaborative blog, Your Other Brothers. Here’s a snippet below!

Your Other Brothers

In the fascinating personality model of the Enneagram, I’m a Type 4, the individualist. Type 4’s are generally introverted, introspective, creative, and — best of all — deeply emotional. Everything profoundly affects us 4’s, from sunsets to dog movies to every single word everyone has ever said to us.

More than any other type, the 4 feels he is cut from a different cloth than the rest of humanity. The 4 craves a rescuer to save him from his plight, and while my spirit clings to Jesus as my ultimate rescuer, my heart can’t help yearning for another, more tangible saving one.

Amid this particular arena of same-sex attraction, my Type 4 self hungers for the love of another man to save me — but, as I wrote previously, rarely the love of a romantic partner.

For most of my life, I’ve wanted the love of a big brother.

A couple years ago, a Christmas commercial wrecked me — the usual for a Type 4 — and I wrote on my other blog about this big brother hole in my life. In times of uncertainty and confusion, especially, these brotherly longings swirl most vigorously.

I got to searching videos on YouTube the other night, and what I found wrecked me. I started following a rabbit trail of “big brother surprises little brother” videos, where big strong active military guys opened a door or turned a corner and surprised their innocent unaware little brothers.

All the videos ruined me, but this particular reaction broke me the most . . .

You can read the rest over at Your Other Brothers. See ya there in the comments!