I Have a Podcast!


You might have heard I started a podcast. It’s called Your Other Brothers Podcast, a show about faith, sexuality, masculinity, and brotherhood. I’m increasingly stirred by this content matter, of helping struggling people escape loneliness and abandonment in the Church.

To share my story in the company of my dear brothers is a surreal dream come true.

Our first four episodes are now live on iTunes, and it’d mean the world if you’d subscribe! If you do enjoy our show, your further support in the form of iTunes ratings/reviews would help us hugely as our seedling of a show grows into a sturdy tree. You can even review with a pseudonym, if you’d prefer.

Despite my new podcast, my other blog, a busy work schedule, and a book that refuses to write itself, I’m determined to start blogging here regularly again. It’s been a hard few months of figuring out my new life in Asheville, and I have too much I need to get off my chest.

Get ready.

Happy listening! And don’t forget: you are not alone. Even the sparrow finds a home.