Some Days Are Like Gnomes With No Legs

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging every day for four straight weeks now. Like. What? How have I even done this? How have I actually trained myself to sit down for an hour or two every day and simply say whatever came to mind without ever going back and changing what just erupted from my ten finger volcanoes?

I used to think I had nothing to say anymore. Or that I’d said all I could. About traveling. About wandering. About faith and sexuality and friendship and purpose and hope and wholeness.

And while I’m not necessarily convinced every single post this month came drawn from some clairvoyant well never before plunged, I’ve realized I do still have stories to share and groanings to groan.

As long as we have breath, we’ll have stories to share and groanings to groan.

Tomorrow I’ll close out my least favorite month by completing this blogging-every-day challenge. I’m certain I’ll look back on the okay-ish month that was and say a thing or two about what I learned the last thirty days. Some days I said and learned a lot; other days, not so much.

Other days felt more forced. More methodical. More . . . boring?

Other days — days like today — I simply rode my bike through the rain to work, and I tutored some kids, and I hopped a ride to the DMV with my roommate to cancel my no longer possessed vehicle, and I ate Chick-Fil-A for dinner, and I came home to a doorstep with two pumpkins and a gnome with no legs.

And I guess I’m learning it’s okay to have those kinds of days every now and then.

This is Day 29 of #MakeNovemberTolerable. Keep checking back every day this month for new stories and discoveries of beauty where beauty may be hard to find.

  • Anon

    groanings to groan. Yes- totally. With you there Tom