Running To: The Book Trailer

For the better part of a year, I’ve been compiling video footage from a road trip that took me from California to the Carolinas and practically everywhere in between. I’ve been editing a hybrid retrospective / book trailer for days and weeks at a time, and I’ve also forgotten about it and left it to collect dust in my hard drive for days and weeks at a time.

And then I’ve returned to the video with renewed fire the further my book progresses.

Well, at long last, my trailer is complete. And I’m so excited to show it to you.

I remember finishing my Struggle Central trailer three years ago and the ensuing feelings of pride and anticipation. I feel that here, too, all over again, deeper and heavier, as the first hints of Running To materialize, growing more real than ever before.

Check out my video below, and stay tuned for more Running To goodness in the weeks and months ahead!

Summer 2017. The journey continues . . .