Introducing . . . #RunningToo

Rather than write a verbose post about my next adventure beyond quitting my job, I figured why not just tell you face-to-digital-face?!

Check out my video below for all the scoop on what I’m calling #RunningToo.

Well, not all the scoop. Gotta leave some room for mystery, don’t I?

In any case, comment below if you’re located anywhere along my route. I’d love to meet you in the next six weeks!

  • Jeff Brady

    Drive Safe…have fun…I’m thinking about doing something like that next year or maybe even this winter. I hate winter. I should just move. I’m a bit north of your route, or I would buy you lunch. Do some more video reports.

  • Jeff Brady

    We virtually could have had this 7 lb, 10 oz channel cat for lunch with some fries. Heck, we could have gone fishing!

  • Josiah McCarthy

    Hey, I’m new to your site. My friend really likes your posts here and on YOB, and knowing what I’ve been going through as a Christian and a gay guy, he showed me your stuff. I’m finishing up my own cross-country road trip and wondering if you’d want to meet me in Northern Colorado as I come through from Salt Lake City to South Dakota. I’ll be going through on Sunday evening and Monday morning. Let me know if you can! And where you are if you’d like to.

    • How cool! Glad you found your way to my site and YOB, Joey. I’m down in Denver for the next few days meeting with various folks here. Not sure how inconvenient or out of the way that puts you from me, but if you’re down to drive here I’d love to meet you. Otherwise, perhaps we’ll cross somewhere later in our wanderings.

      • Josiah McCarthy

        I’d love to make it happen! I’ll drive to Denver this afternoon and get in at around 9pm, so maybe Monday (tomorrow) morning would be best? (Though I’d be down for Sunday night if you want.) Maybe you have a breakfast place we could go to?

        • Tonight would probably work better for me, if you can swing it. Maybe we could find a late-night coffee shop or something. Shoot me an email when you get into town and we can continue dialoguing there.

  • Josiah Sobrien

    I’m so excited for this and to read your new book! I’m bummed that you won’t be in California, but I hope we can still meet in person in the future some time. Love you Tom, you’ll always be an inspiration for me! Travel well.

    • We will indeed meet one day, Josiah. These things just happen. Looking forward to that day!