• Jeff Brady

    Jesus did not have a home during His ministry. He wandered quite a bit. He wasn’t searching for something though. He was trying to show the way toward something.

    People with Alzheimer’s wander in the latter stages of the disease. My Dad did this quite a bit and usually in the middle of the night. One time, I asked him where he was going. He told me he was going home. He was standing in the house he lived in for 30 years when he said that. Another time he told me he was going to take the dog for a ride. It was 1030 at night in the middle of the winter in Iowa. Odd disease.

    My thought is that people (not you necessarily) wander because they do not feel comfortable where they are at – or – they feel like they have allowed themselves to get to close to the ones they are with and do not want to go through the pain of losing them and so they leave first.

    I do not wander because I am not comfortable anywhere I go, so I may as well stay where I am at. Does that make sense? I have lived in a few different places and even come back “home” to Iowa and I still do not feel like I am at home any place I go. I am a visitor everywhere.

    Maybe you get bored easily and just need an adventure from time to time. It’s like a reboot of the brain for you. You think, “I’ve done this. Now it’s time to do that”, whatever “that” is.

    Whatever the wandering thing is about, you seem to enjoy it and people like me that stay home can live vicariously through your adventures. So, thanks for sharing. Enjoy the virus.

    • I’m glad you can live vicariously through me, Jeff. That encourages me. Thanks for sharing your dad’s story. And yes, Jesus was the ultimate wanderer. I often think how my journeys compare to His, and the clear answer is that He was totally others-focused. Something I struggle with but am hopefully making more progress with.

  • Josiah Sobrien

    This is awesome. I feel like I can relate to that as well, I’m always wanting to go places and I’m so used to change. It’s really hard for me to maintain meaningful relationships with others and I just want to get away and be on the road away from everything. In my case, I probably just want an escape.

    • Ugh, I feel you Josiah. You’re not alone, brother. The Blue Ridge always awaits you should you ever need such an escape.