#RunningTo VLOG: Great Salt Lake

#RunningTo: Great Salt Lake

A couple weeks ago I posted a video blog featuring my descent into the Grand Canyon. I got a lot of great feedback, so it inspired me to create another vlog! I hope y’all enjoy this one, too. On Day 15 of my massive continental trek, I hit the unique wonderland of Salt Lake City. From the surrounding mountains to the Mormon culture to the ginormous lake of SALT, I grew quickly enamored with this city. Check out my second official #RunningTo video blog as I venture out onto a giant salt flat in a mission to touch the Great Salt Lake with my own hands. The wind was a bit strong at times, but hooray for the magic of annotations. Also, I apologize in advance for … Continue reading…

On the “Girl Meets World” Premiere

Girl Meets World

I never got into Boy Meets World growing up. I did catch a few episodes here and there. I know all about “Fee-hee-hee-nay” and how Cory Matthews started out as a fellow Phillies fan and then just didn’t care about my Phils anymore. But Boy Meets World was more my younger sister’s show than mine. More her world than my own. I was nonetheless intrigued alongside millions when a Boy Meets World spin-off emerged. Also created by Michael Jacobs, Girl Meets World would follow the coming-of-age exploits of Cory and Topanga’s daughter. I watched the premiere to satisfy an itching curiosity. While not overly enthused by the flashy Disney-fied feel, I saw something sincere and thought-provoking beneath the fluff. You could’ve played a drinking game with all the times “world” was uttered in the Girl Meets World premiere. Even the … Continue reading…

#RunningTo Week 4 in Review: Billings, Yellowstone, Saskatchewan

#RunningTo: Canada Border

Hello my wanderers! It’s that time again. A chance to reflect on the wandering week that was via the magical wonders of photography. For #RunningTo Week 4, I ventured to Big Sky Country in Montana, including a good old Montanan hike and a day trip to Yellowstone National Park. Ugh, this world is beautiful. Then, I ventured to ANOTHER COUNTRY by crossing into Canadian Saskatchewan. Take a gander! What’s your favorite zoo animal? What about your favorite word that rhymes with Saskatchewan? 

My First Cat Video!

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Ever since I started my YouTube channel a few years ago, I’ve always yearned for one thing. That one momentous video that would forever launch my channel into the upper echelon of YouTube greatness. Forget an epiK book trailer or video blog. I’m talking about a high-quality CAT VIDEO. Well, thanks to #RunningTo and my recent trek through Montana, I’ve now achieved such videographic immortality. Enjoy this quick video featuring a friend’s cat, and I’ll shoot for a more extensive #RunningTo video blog next week! Do you like cats? What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen a cat do? Or just post your favorite YouTube cat video. That works too.

Utahn Glory: The Point of Everything

#RunningTo Utah Border

There’s something about Utah, I thought two years ago while driving through its southeastern corner. The canyons, the chasms, the reds and oranges and browns all colliding into some of the most magnificent painting-esque scenes. While planning #RunningTo, I made it a point to spend as much time in Utah as possible. I got my money’s worth. When I drove across the country to Camp Ridgecrest two years ago, I somehow skirted both the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks. Two of America’s most glamorous gems hewn from the purest uncut rock. Over the last few years, friends have boasted about both parks, some even going so far as to say Zion was — gasp — even grander than the Grand Canyon. Indeed, Zion was grand. For the second time in as … Continue reading…

#RunningTo Week 3 in Review: Provo, Salt Lake City, Idaho

#RunningTo: The UP House

It’s time once again for my #RunningTo Week in Review! For Week 3, I ventured northward from southern Utah to Provo, Salt Lake City, and Rexburg in Idaho. Check out some of my favorite Utahn/Idahoan moments from this week of #RunningTo! And for a little bonus moment, I was actually interviewed just before taking my hike to Donut Falls. A couple people had slipped and fallen in the last week, including one fatality, and Fox 13 was interviewing hikers to spread awareness. You can check out the complete article here, which includes a ridiculous run-on quote from yours truly.   That’s all for this week’s #RunningTo Week in Review. Check back next week to see where I’ve wandered next! And for all the #RunningTo action as it happens, follow me on … Continue reading…

I’m 27 and Afraid to Take Off My Shirt: GUEST POST on Bedlam Magazine

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I haven’t guest-posted somewhere in a while. Time to change that! Today, I have the great honor of being featured over at Bedlam Magazine, an awesome new collaboration of messed up Christians. Check out this teaser of my post on shirtlessness and masculine body image, and read the rest over at Bedlam! As a teenager I was often teased by my family because I avoided the water so much. My Georgia home had a beautiful in-ground swimming pool, but even amid those sweltering Southern summers, I wouldn’t dare be found in that pool. It’s not that I hated the water. Not that I despised swimming or didn’t know how. Throughout elementary school, I’d taken swim lessons at The Y and rapidly advanced from “guppy” to “shark.” … Continue reading…

Las Vegas Bums Me Out

#RunningTo Las Vegas

Two years ago, I first ventured to Las Vegas. I’m not big into gambling or … everything else Vegas is notoriously known for, but I was stoked nonetheless to add another notch to my traveling belt. I mean, it’s Vegas. A magical city where you can walk the streets of Paris, New York, and Venice within a single hour. Incredible shows and shops and food. Sure, Vegas has its moments. It has an allure, for sure. But what I mostly found in my first visit to Vegas was a sweltering desert city that shouldn’t really exist, filled with warped faces trapped behind slot machines. A weighty despair that shouldn’t exist all the more. #RunningTo DAY 7: Walking Vegas I had a few hours to kill before venturing northward. Even though I had mostly … Continue reading…

#RunningTo Week 2 in Review: Las Vegas, Southern Utah, Zion National Park

#RunningTo Southern Utah

It’s time for my new weekend tradition: my #RunningTo Week in Review! Week 2 was a special one, venturing from the desert of Las Vegas to…well, the desert of southern Utah. So hot, but oh so beautiful. The longer I venture throughout Utah, the more convinced I become that it’s in my top-5 favorite US states. Check out some of my favorite moments from #RunningTo Week 2! After my brief stay in Vegas, I ventured northward to Utah — no, wait. I actually had to reenter Arizona for 20 minutes before I could ELEVATE MY LIFE. Hardly on the heels of my Grand Canyon hike, I decided to hike and camp out at Zion National Park. Pretty spectacular spot! That’s all for this week’s #RunningTo Week in Review! Check back … Continue reading…

#RunningTo Vlog: My Grand Canyon Hike!

#RunningTo Grand Canyon Hike

Over a week ago, I kicked off my #RunningTo road trip with a hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. You can read all about my adventure, or you could LIVE it by watching my trip’s first video blog below! I mean, ideally, you will do both. Read it and live it. But I understand if you only choose one or the other. Enjoy the 16-mile journey from the comfort of your air-conditioned room! Don’t worry; I did all the dirty sweaty blistery stuff for you. Have you ever ridden a mule? What’s the coolest/Narnia-est bridge you’ve ever crossed?