Onething 2013: How I Viewed the Christian Body Changed

For the last dwindling months of 2013, I kept a secret that only me, myself, and I knew: after Christmas spent with family, I’d fly to Kansas City for the International House of Prayer’s Onething 2013 conference. I received a lot of flack for my ongoing travel secret, inside my family and out, but can you really blame me? When your life becomes a literal open book, it’s refreshing to regain a secret or two. I’d listened to IHOP’s worship […]

Homeless Hope in an Alleyway

“Hey, were you guys just praying?” I turn from my four church friends to a man – a young man – with blonde hair. He’s a couple years younger than me — a veritable kid with studded earrings. He dons a red sweatshirt emblazoned with the acronym of a local university. “Yes,” we confirm to him. We were praying. Praying over one of our own in a downtown alleyway just outside the restaurant where we’d spent the last two hours. […]

On Interrupting Someone’s Meal

“Excuse me, can I just say something?” I turned from the vulnerable conversation I was having with a new friend and looked up at a middle-aged woman’s face. She’d been sitting two tables beside us, eating dinner with her teenage son. Upon rising from her completed meal of Panda Express goodness, she stepped over and interrupted my entire conversation. “I just want to encourage y’all to keep going,” she said. “As a mom, it’s so encouraging to see two young […]

My Oasis Haircut and a Long Lost Reconnect

On Monday I tried to get a haircut. Tried three times, actually. Even tweeted jokingly about the whole ordeal. Jokingly but kinda frustratingly too. Pretty sure the universe is against my getting a haircut after 3 failed attempts this afternoon. — Thomas Mark Zuniga (@thomasmarkz) February 18, 2013 First, I rolled by some Indian salon that specialized in eyebrow threading because WOW what a blog post, right? Also, there was a sign for $7 haircuts and I was like OH SNAP that’s […]

The Most Special Feeling in the World

I have a special feeling to share with y’all. A most special feeling, actually. At the inception of my California story in 2010, I tutored at a wonderful little middle school. For the last two years, that job supplied me income, yes. But beyond a monthly paycheck, that job launched me unabashedly into tutoring. Into youth involvement. It’s highly possible I’d not have even stepped into these last two summer camps without this position preparing me first. Because of my […]

“Enjoy Your Mitsubishi.”

I used to hate the homeless. That sounds harsh, but it’s true. I’d see one and equate him to a stain on the carpet or a zit on the forehead. What’s their problem? Why are they so lazy? Why don’t they do something with their life? Why don’t they get a job? Why don’t they pay for their own food like me? Why don’t they just leave everyone alone? Leave me alone? As a lifelong introvert, it was quite convenient […]

Eastward Ho: 30 Minutes in Chicago

I recently drove across the country to reach my summer camp location on the east coast. What follows is one of several real-life wandering stories from my incredible “Eastward Ho” adventure. I’d thought about just passing by. It was already dark and getting kinda late. I had 500 miles to travel the next day and any extra miles I could tack onto tonight would make my tomorrow all the easier. But this was Chicago. I couldn’t just zip into Indiana […]

On Meeting My First Celebrity

I’ve lived in the Los Angeles area for almost two years now. Ah, LA—the Mecca for movie stars and beautiful people alike. And lots and lots of Mexicans. I’ve met plenty of Mexicans in two years, but never a celebrity. I’ve never expected to bump into Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or their seventeen African children at Walmart, but maybe just a passing glance of that Old Spice guy on a horse. Well, finally, I can proclaim having lived in […]