The Hardest Video I’ve Ever Made

I don’t consider myself a videographer. I’m an artist first, a writer second, and somewhere within my inner swirl of creativity there’s room for music and painting and photography and even a little film. I have a YouTube channel, and I’ve shot/edited/published several videos over the years. Most of them are carefree and spontaneous and wandering-induced and maybe kinda sorta entertaining? But there a few videos I’ve uploaded over the years that have been much harder to put out there. My […]

YOB: 5 Times I’ve Felt Like a Man

I’ve got a new post up at Your Other Brothers today. Here’s an excerpt below. Click over for the full read! So often I lament my lifelong disconnect from the male species and my own innate lack of manhood, I tend to neglect or even forget the numerous times I have felt like a man. And, though often fleeting, it’s these precious moments when I grow more convinced of this path I’m walking — away from a gay identity and […]

I’ve Always Wanted a Big Brother

I’ve got a post up today at my collaborative blog, Your Other Brothers. Here’s a snippet below! In the fascinating personality model of the Enneagram, I’m a Type 4, the individualist. Type 4’s are generally introverted, introspective, creative, and — best of all — deeply emotional. Everything profoundly affects us 4’s, from sunsets to dog movies to every single word everyone has ever said to us. More than any other type, the 4 feels he is cut from a different cloth than the rest of humanity. […]

Your Other Brothers: My New Blog

So, I just launched a new blog! With a lot of help from my friends. It’s called Your Other Brothers, and it’s a storytelling community for Christianity amid struggles with homosexuality. These last few years of writing more openly about faith and sexuality have introduced me to some of my dearest friends all over the world. I’m thrilled to partner with my spiritual brothers and help introduce them and our stories to you. We’ve had an interesting journey in friendship, to say […]

I’m 27 and Afraid to Take Off My Shirt: GUEST POST on Bedlam Magazine

I haven’t guest-posted somewhere in a while. Time to change that! Today, I have the great honor of being featured over at Bedlam Magazine, an awesome new collaboration of messed up Christians. Check out this teaser of my post on shirtlessness and masculine body image, and read the rest over at Bedlam! As a teenager I was often teased by my family because I avoided the water so much. My Georgia home had a beautiful in-ground swimming pool, but even amid […]

On Homosexuality: Let Us Only Handle Love

Today, I’m honored to be guest posting over at my friend Adam’s blog. I’m writing about homosexuality and how we can respond with love, not anger. Check out this post’s excerpt, and be sure to click over for the continuation! When my blogging friend, Adam (or as I’ve long regarded him, “That Monkey Guy”), asked me to contribute a post on homosexuality to his blog, I knew I wanted to write something. I just didn’t know where to start. Homosexuality […]

Fiction vs. Nonfiction: Finding My Writer’s Calling

Today I’m thrilled to be guest posting at Sandra Carey Cody’s Birth of a Novel blog. My writing career actually started with a novel upon my college graduation in 2009. Nearly five years later, that novel remains unpublished, but another (nonfictional) book took over my life in the meantime. Here’s a snippet of my guest post, and be sure to click over for the continuation! I first found the light of a writer’s calling late into my freshman year of […]

“Struggle Central” Around the Web

So. It’s been a good week. Last Wednesday on my 26th birthday, I released my first book, Struggle Central: Quarter-Life Confessions of a Messed Up Christian. Sent it to every single one of my newsletter subscribers for free while it endures self-publishing processing en route to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers soon. I have lots of thoughts on this big reveal of my soul, and I’ll try to check in next week with some of those. In […]