SEEK WEEK in Review: God Isn’t Enough

Two weeks ago, my church commenced its annual autumn tradition. It’s called “Seek Week,” a week-long “festival” of fasting and, well, seeking God. Seeing ROCKHARBOR’s five Orange County campuses unite at one location for five consecutive nights was such fantastic foreshadowing for the future: people of all churches, all nations, all cultures, all ages and eras uniting in passion and purpose. I’m so glad I finally got to take part in this year’s Seek Week. I fasted and focused on God in ways […]

Wordy Thursday: epiK

epiK \ E-pick \ adj. An indescribably thrilling description for a particular experience, noteworthy for its kinky closing capital K Also, coincidentally, an acronym for the English Program in Korea (EPIK \ n.) As in: The epiK World Series of 2008 featured a weather-delayed series-clinching Game 5 and the ultimate triumph of the historically depressing Philadelphia Phillies. Or: The epiK EPIK experience would surely take Traveling Golden Trout to special new places. Synonyms: grand, ambitious, blockbuster Antonyms: bland, lackluster, borinG *** […]

Wordy Thursday: friendy-friend

friendy-friend \ FREN-dee-frend \ n. A “friend” one acquires via social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.), regardless of actual relational intimacy. As in: For all friendy-friends reading this post, check out my latest Facebook album featuring photos of the boondocks where I now live. Synonyms: friend, acquaintance, soul mate, mortal enemy, total stranger Antonyms: friend, acquaintance, soul mate, mortal enemy, total stranger *** In case you forgot, or in case you’re new to wandering with me, I tend to create […]

Wordy Thursday: inpsychosanity

inpsychosanity \ in-sy-co-SA-ni-tee \ n. A strenuous environment far beyond the sanity levels of anything imaginable. As in: The pressure of writing two 2,000-word papers a week all summer long, along with presenting said papers before intimidating Oxford professors in their claustrophobic offices left the young study abroad student’s mind in the deepest chasms of insufferable inpsychosanity. Antonyms: bliss, paradise, ecstasy Synonyms: hardship, torture, my 2008 summer spent studying abroad at Oxford University – The Wandering Wordsmith

Wordy Thursday: doofy

doofy \ DU-fee \ adj. Of an odd, abnormal, or otherwise inexplicably moronic look or expression, often deserving of a solid punch to the face. As in: The stalwart young man ran his first half-marathon with a doofy smile that made no sense whatsoever considering his blisters, near nipple-chafing, and general discomfort from running 13.1 miles without stopping. Also: This hat. Synonyms: cheesy, nonsensical, outlandish Antonyms: beloved, endearing, not TMZ ever – The Wandering Wordsmith

Wordy Thursday: sketch

sketch \ SKECH \ adj. 1. Characterized by a sense of oddness and, more aptly, mortal danger.   As in: We pulled into the suburban Philadelphia Walmart parking lot on Christmas Eve in hopes of purchasing some last-minute Christmas nick-nacks, but upon realizing said store was closed, we were greeted instead by a hodgepodge of sketch characters selling jewelry and wigs out of their trunks. The entire night scene was undeniably sketch. Synonyms: freaky, creepy, sketchy Antonyms: warm, welcoming, unsketch […]

Wordy Thursday: Y-chrom peeps

Y-chrom peeps \ WI – krome peepz \ noun, pl. 1. Of the male sex. Employed when “Y-chromosome people” cannot fit into a desirable 140-character tweet. Example: Michael’s bachelor party was for y-chrom peeps only. 2. Marshmallow chicks which happen to be male in gender. Example: Michael’s bachelor party featured the eating of y-chrom peeps. – The Wandering Wordsmith

Wordy Thursday: tightizzle

tightizzle \ tite-TIZ-zel \ adj. 1. Of an utterly cool or awesome nature. A slang variant of tizzight or tizzightizzle. LOST was the most tightizzle show of my generation—until Once Upon a Time came along and became tightizzler. – The Wandering Wordsmith (If you missed the explanation on what the heck this is…CLICKIE CLICKIE.)