I Have a Son

I don’t usually remember my dreams. I awake often remembering general emotions, but details are either fuzzy or completely forgotten. When I do remember my dreams, I tend to analyze them. Perhaps too much. As an unabashed “story guy,” I love reading significant things into the seemingly insignificant. I went to bed the night of December 31, 2013 pushing 3am. After attending a week-long conference inundated with hope and healing and culminating in a New Year’s Eve worship celebration, my […]


I promised y’all December. The perfect Christmas gift. Or stocking-stuffer. Or paperweight. But I lied. I lied, because the long awaited STRUGGLE CENTRAL paperback is finally available TODAY! Last I checked, Daylight Savings Time notwithstanding, it’s still November. IT’S A THANKSGIVING MIRACLE. Here’s the miraculous link to my STRUGGLE CENTRAL paperback on Amazon! I’m so excited. So, so excited. This moment has definitely been a long time coming, and it’s surreal to finally be here. Needless to say, I would […]

Wandering Wednesday #15: Fullerton, CA

Today is a great day. I don’t care if I get stuck in Los Angeles traffic for hours or lose my favorite watch. (Oh wait, that second thing already happened.) Today is WANDERING WEDNESDAY. At long last. But it’s not just “another” Wandering Wednesday. It’s quite possibly my most pivotal Wandering Wednesday adventure yet. First off, it’s a Wandering Wednesday featuring my current hometown of Fullerton, California. Guys, I LOVE this city. It’s amazing. I hope this video helps you […]

Storyline: Why I’m Flying to Nashville and Why You Should Come Too!

Last week, I did something I’m not usually prone to doing. I made an impulse decision. Although, to be fair, it was an impulse decision preceded by a few weeks of legitimate pontificating: Should I eventually or should I immediately register for Donald Miller’s Storyline conference in Nashville? After dwelling for years on “eventually,” I spontaneously made the shift to “immediately” on an unsuspecting Friday afternoon. This October, I’m flying to Nashville. And I think you should come, too. Storyline: […]

One Year Ago

One year ago, I turned 25. A quarter-century. The halfway mark between 20 and…30. One year ago today, I was baptized. It was one of those ethereal moments that fully convinced my belief in a God. Those kinds of moments just don’t happen. Nobody gets baptized on a Tuesday night in a water park surrounded by church friends and roommates and a former supervisor and two beloved parents — and on his 25th birthday, no less. After I was dunked and […]

Yes, Book Trailers Are a Thing

So, yesterday was a wonderful day. After a week and a half of faithfully/madly editing some personal video footage, I finally uploaded a book trailer for my upcoming project. Yes, book trailers are a thing. The reaction couldn’t have been more encouraging. From Twitter to Facebook to YouTube itself, the encouragement was overwhelming. Yesterday was such an affirming benchmark in the long winding road of this messy book I’ve felt called to write for 4 years now. I’m sure most of you have already seen the […]

On Starting a Newsletter, Writing a Book, and Mourning the X-Games

A couple months ago I teased y’all about a new, exciting newsletter for this blog, teasing you even further about a crazy book idea. I teased and I teased, and then I hit a writing wall while struggling to land work and move into a more ideal living situation. And thus the dream appeared dead. First, I want to apologize for all the teasing. It was my honest intention to start a newsletter last fall and just maybe have my […]