TMZ Reviews: “Camp”

“For the whole week, I couldn’t wait to go back to my real life, you know? Now I feel like my real life is fake and camp is real.” Last summer, I did not — much to my lingering chagrin — return to Camp Ridgecrest. Ridgecrest was that magical (though often daunting) land from the final chapters of Struggle Central. Early into 2013, I was convinced I’d return to “Struggle Central” for a second summer of struggle and redemption alike. Alas. I […]

“The Office” Finale: A Goodbye to Beauty

Last week, after 9 hilarious-sometimes-repetitive years, The Office finally said goodbye. Many thought the show should’ve ended the year Steve Carell left the show. I wasn’t necessarily in that camp at the time, though I wouldn’t have minded seeing the show bow with its lead actor after 7 successful seasons. At first, it was intriguing to watch the eighth season play without Michael Scott. I approved the reveal of Andy Bernard as new office manager, rooting for him in his new-found struggle for Michael […]

“Surfing for God” by Michael John Cusick: TMZ Reviews

“Every time a man knocks on a brothel door, he is really searching for God.” — G.K. Chesterton I’m attracted to openness and vulnerability in writing — blogs, books, you name it. I can never get enough stories on the human struggle; the messier, the more honest, the infinitely more encouraging. A former porn/sex addict, Michael John Cusick boldly confesses all in Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle. His book opens with a chilling allegory I won’t soon […]

The Silly + the Serious of “Community” = This Blog?

Community is the greatest comedy on television. Its seamless transition from the silly to the serious is a sort of inspiration for my very blog. Watching Troy and Abed in the dreamatorium immediately followed by a sincere evaluation of their friendship reminds me of how I like to write about ducks (having sex) in my pool one day and getting baptized in a separate pool the next (surrounded by pirate paraphernalia, no less). A recent Community episode hit me pretty […]

TMZ Reviews: Blue Like Jazz

I recently saw Blue Like Jazz. What’s Blue Like Jazz, you ask? Isn’t that a book, you ask? How can one “see” a book, you ask? Why was this a real thing, you ask? Well, I can answer all but one of those. Blue Like Jazz was originally a book, yes, but it is now a film. The nonfiction book, written by the great Donald Miller, chronicles the author’s adolescent journey through faith with many spiritual essays. Miller’s “sequel” of […]

TMZ Reviews: Tyler Tarver’s “Letters to Famous People”

Hey there TMZ’ers, what’s up? The sky. Unless you’re inside, and it’s the ceiling. Or unless you’re in the Hunger Games, and it’s a force-field dome. And if you’re in the arena shouldn’t you be avoiding child-killers instead of reading this blog? I mean, I’m honored, but if you die then you can’t read my blog anymore and that would sadden me like Peeta’s horrifically feminine name. Okay, here’s the thing. I was gonna buy this new $5 e-book that’s […]

TMZ Reviews “Music Inspired by The Story”

One of my favorite things in life is hearing an incredible song for the very first time. Such a special, soul-bursting moment, and there’s really nothing quite like it. Except maybe bubblegum snow cones on a sultry day. One of my other favorite things in life is hearing an incredible album for the very first time, because, well, that’s like increasing the incredible song factor by ten-to-fifteen. Enter one such album: Music Inspired by The Story. The album originates from […]