I Have Nothing to Say About Orlando

I read many tweets in the 48-hour aftermath of the Orlando shooting that claimed fifty lives. One jumped out at me most. It said: Christians: your silence is a deafening roar. I read the tweet, felt sobered by the tweet, grew annoyed by the tweet, and then pondered my own “role” or “responsibility” with regard to Orlando and that tweet. Do I need to tweet about whether we need better gun control? Do I need to tweet my prayers for the victims and/or their […]

Gay Marriage and Me: The Post I Couldn’t Write

Last Friday. What a day. I got a flat tire that morning. I had an hour-long phone interview. I helped a friend move. I stuffed in some writing. It was hustle and bustle from sunup to sundown, and somewhere midway the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all fifty states. Oh. That was my first reaction. Just “oh.” I mean, gay marriage was already legal in 36 states. It was gonna happen eventually. What was 14 more in one fell swoop? But then I came home and saw all […]

This is why I believe in Jesus.

Forget the Bible. Forget historical records. Forget faith and personal conviction. Forget all those things for this single aching moment. I believe in Jesus because of forgiveness. But not just an afterthought-sort of forgiveness made for misdeeds done decades ago. No. I believe in Jesus because of face-to-face forgiveness for a man who took someone you love less than 48 hours prior. Hardly 2 days. I could maybe understand a forgiveness like that after 2 decades — “enough” years of grief and acceptance, if […]

When Hillsong United’s New Song “Hurts Like Hell”

Hillsong United released Empires last week, debuting at #5 on the Billboard 200. “Christian worship band” notwithstanding, it’s an impressive showing. Though Empires doesn’t resonate with me as much as last year’s Zion, it’s still a solid offering. If nothing else, Hillsong United keeps reinventing itself with every album. It’s crazy hearing the Hillsong United of today compared with Hillsong of the 90’s. Were they even called “United” back then? Hillsong United — indeed, worship music at large — has journeyed a long way since “Shout to the Lord.” There’s a song […]

7 Things Christians Should Do About Caitlyn Jenner

I already wrote about Bruce Jenner once, but his recent appearance on Vanity Fair has rocked the world and stirred another post within me. I feel like Christians everywhere are desperately searching for the proper Christian reaction to “Caitlyn Jenner,” or whatever he’s calling himself now. So, I racked my brain and came up with seven definitive actions you can take. You’re welcome, dear Christian. Here are 7 things Christians should do about Caitlyn Jenner.* 1. Don’t call her Caitlyn. Don’t even call her “her.” […]

I Don’t Get Bruce Jenner

I wrote about transgender people a little while back. In recent months I’ve felt God leading me toward greater empathy of transgenders. I still don’t fully understand the transgender experience, but then I’ll never truly grasp the straight experience or blind experience or Braves fan experience either. The more stories I hear, though, the more puzzle pieces slide into place. The more I see the humanity in transgender people, the more I see the humanity in all of us. There’s hardly a bigger name right now, transgender or otherwise, than […]

Racism & Homophobia & the Rise of Angsty Christians, Part 2

Last week, I wrote about racism and homophobia and the rise of angsty Christians. It’s such a heavy triad of topics, I realized I’d need two posts to say everything. And then Freddie Gray happened. And then the Supreme Court’s gay marriage hearings happened. And then more angsty Christians emerged, and I realized there probably aren’t enough posts in the world for me to say everything as eloquently and effectively as I’d like to say. But I’m going to try continuing […]

Racism & Homophobia & the Rise of Angsty Christians, Part 1

I’ve been burdened by this post for a while. I’ve used a mammoth road trip and a new start in Charlotte as excuses not to write it. Not to talk about it. All of it. I’m going to try today with the first of a two-part’er. The news is usually depressing, and thus I usually don’t comment on the news. Every now and then, though, I feel stirred to speak. I usually say something moderate that either resonates with fellow peacemakers or further […]