Nothing Lasts. That’s the Beauty.

Before I embarked on what would ultimately amass a 9-month quest across the continent, I invested in some business cards with a personal quote on the back. Those 22 words soon encompassed something so much more than a mere road trip: I tend to wander. It doesn’t make me lost; it just helps me find things I didn’t know I was looking for. Now beyond the confines of Mile #26,301, that quote isn’t just a little quip anymore. It’s real; it’s my real life. Just the other […]

#RunningTo Stats: By the Numbers

Last week my nine-month road trip finally crossed the finish line in Charlotte. It’s been an interesting week, to say the least — a unique week of an unsettling settling. I’m certain I’ll have more to blog about as this altogether new journey in the Queen City unfolds, but in the meantime I want to immortalize my now completed road trip. Each week for the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a #RunningTo memorial. A chance to reflect upon the last nine […]

Why I Moved to Charlotte and Why I’m Freaking Out

Last weekend, I concluded my nine-month road trip with one final adventure to the Smokies. It was a gorgeous time. It was a torturous time. It was a sleepy solitary much needed recharging time. That cabin in the Smokies was a distraction-free arena to determine my post-journey existence. After nine long months on the road, I’d narrowed down my next chapter to three cities. Three particular places that sparked two parts of the same heart. There’s my heart for inspiration and adventure, and there’s my heart for the precious people in my life — friends and family […]

#RunningTo Weeks 39-40 in Review: Watkinsville & Athens, GA

The final two weeks of my road trip took me home to my parents and a smattering of old friends in the Watkinsville/Athens, Georgia area. It was a fitting end for a nine-month journey that took me coast to coast. A chance to recharge and refuel and reunite with some of the dearest people in my life. Enjoy these final images from the wandering year that was, and stay tuned for the next chapter yet to be! Ever have a bonfire […]

My Road Trip Finally Ends This Weekend and I’m Terrified

Nine months. Nine months and a week, actually. 40 weeks: that will be the ultimate span of this #RunningTo road trip. Before I left southern California last May, I had no clue how long the road would wind. Your guess would have been as good as mine. Two months? Seven? Seventy times seven? The longer I ventured and the more I saw, the more my mouth fell agape; the longer I ventured and the more people I met, the more amazed […]

#RunningTo Week 38 in Review: Signal Mountain, TN & Stone Mountain, GA

It was a tale of two mountains in Week 38 of #RunningTo. First, Signal Mountain in Tennessee; then, Stone Mountain in Georgia. I blogged about the former adventure of a Valentine’s Day hike with my brother. I posted many pictures in that post, including the mile-long romantic/tragic trail of rock-graffiti. All in all a very lovely Valentine’s Day, indeed. Stone Mountain is a place I’ve visited many times as a kid, so I wasn’t necessarily eager to return. But then I considered […]

I Don’t Entirely Know Who I Am Anymore

Last week was a great week. I reunited with my parents, brother, sister, and brother-to-be. Parties and meals and heart-to-heart conversations all affirming how blessed I am. On Valentine’s Day I spontaneously trekked to Signal Mountain in southern Tennessee with my brother and his roommate. The hilarity of three dudes doing dude-things in the mountains on a day devoted to romantic bliss combined with Mother Nature’s sweet allure made it a good day. A glad day. But my Valentine’s Day was a glad day that was also a sad […]

#RunningTo Week 37 in Review: Back to Alabama & Tennessee

I’M BACK. Back for another #RunningTo Week in Review, and back to some familiar paths once wandered. Last week, I conquered my quest for the Lower 48; this week, I decided to retrace some steps taken a few months ago. I surprised my sister at her engagement party in Alabama, and I finished recording my Struggle Central audiobook in Tennessee. From family to friends to Couchsurfers of yestermonth, the past week featured some fun reunions. It was one of those weeks that reminded me this trip has always been […]