Guest Posting

Wandering Wednesday: Guest Post Edition

A couple summers ago I worked at camp and as such, had very little time for blogging. I put out a broad announcement for blogging help to keep this site somewhat active during those hazy dazy summer months, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outpouring of support. All the incredible stories.

The prompt was simple: describe a time you’ve found yourself wandering through life. Could be metaphorical, could be literal. Could be silly or dead serious. This wandering theme resonates across my entire life, and clearly it resonates with others too.

But just because that summer is over doesn’t mean the guest posting has to stop. So if you have an awesome idea for a post to contribute to my blog, please send me an email at tmz[at]thomasmarkzuniga[dot]com. I’d love nothing more than to read your story and share it here!

If you’d like some inspiration, check out these wonderful wandering tales from some of my favorite bloggers and followers:

  • Tom, Your travels are amazing and though I only know you from your work on the internet, I feel a connection because when I was a bit younger I too had the passion you seem to currently have for the written word of expression. I think it is amazing how reading or seeing your published articulations can inspire me to take a look back on those earlier years of life and grin to see someone else can also be filled with the same feelings and thoughts that shape a young dreamer. Sadly, these days the only advise I can provide is to never lose the passion no matter how difficult life can and enviably will get. It’s not hard to see that you have an amazing amount of faith and know that the Lord provides all we need to see beyond the difficult times so that we can enjoy life to the fullest of abilities.
    Thank you for being so darn awesome!
    -Kansas City, Missouri