This Blog In 6 Words

I entered this world on Good Friday of 1987. I must have been aware of the goodness of this day, as I apparently smiled at my family upon observing them for the first time. Although this memory is admittedly a bit fuzzy.

My first twelve years was a fulfilling, appetizing Eden in which I happily dwelt with hardly a concern. Alas. Struggles happen; struggle remains.

Over these last dozen-plus years, I’ve grown to truly cherish those first twelve. Since leaving Eden, I’ve wandered up the most glorious mountain peaks and down through the most dreaded chasms.

Along the way has been plenty to observe and absorb, an abundance of sights and experiences to both disappoint and inspire. And opportunities abound to create with the very inspiration with which we ourselves were formed.

From deserts to river basins, we may lock arms as brothers to those walking their own winding paths. They may only walk with us a little while before disappearing around the bend; others still may walk with us for much longer. But blessed are those moments when old familiar faces step back alongside us on our respective journeys.

Despite our inevitable struggle, we must keep treading the path created for us. We must persevere, trust.

We must dream — until our wandering souls return to Eden and we find rest once more. Forever.

TMZ: Six Nifty Words

I categorize my blog posts into six primary categories, each consisting of sub-categories:

  • WANDERER – journal-like chronicles of the twists and turns of my restless, twenty-something life
  • OBSERVER – casual and serious takes on news, pop culture, and my views of this world
  • STRUGGLER – nitty-gritty dives into my personal battles
  • BROTHER – relational insights and open letters
  • CREATOR – poetry, short stories, and other delvings into authorhood
  • DREAMER – future aspirations and goals

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  • gabriella

    This is really neat. I like how you have categorized your life/posts this way.

    • tmz

      Thanks Gabriella! I desperately need order in my life, so thus, my blog must be as organized as my life. Looking forward to exploring these six facets of myself in the months to come!

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  • Your blog is sharp. 

    I’m taking notes. 

    • TMZ

      Glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Excellent blog; much better than the other TMZ. I especially like your six-word system for categorizing posts.

    • TMZ

      Thanks Adam, really love your blog as well! Keep up the fine work.

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  • I absolutely love your blog. Ran into it by searching more into the Strengths Finders test for a blog I’m writing. Like you, one of my strengths came a an Input and like I said, I’ll be the person checking the about on any blog. I hope you are still writing and definitely will make sure to check your book.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Fabiola! I’m glad the wild and wonderful Internet led you here. Let me know if you do happen to check out my book. I always love hearing from readers! Blessings to you.