The FRITZ – 2/24/12

The Amazing Race It was the 20th season premiere of everyone’s favorite race around the world, and yet despite this monumental number, I never once wondered how would Phil open the show. Because for 19 seasons he’s basically opened the show the exact same way, inconceivably standing atop the tallest skyscraper as he introduces the teams and tells us — But wait, wait, WAIT. It’s Phil! Zipping by on a…on a bicycle! And he’s wearing a hideous Amazing Race uniform! […]

The Fritz! – 12/16/11

It’s a sad day for my blog. A sad day because, alas, it’s my final TV recap blog of the year. Several months ago I started a weekly TV blogging tradition that will forever go down in the annals of blogging history as…something. But fresh TV only goes for so long before it hits the pause button. It’s a tragedy akin to eggnog only being sold the last two months of the year. The Amazing Race held its season finale […]

The Fritz! – 12/9/11

Once upon a time, there was a great Amazing Race episode and a horrible Survivor episode. Allow me the pleasure of telling you the tale on this week’s TV recap. Once Upon a Time This episode followed Prince Charming, and like other characters before him, answered the question of his identity. This question was especially poignant in that his Storybrooke alter-ego was dealing with amnesia after awakening from his coma. So not even he knew who he was. In Fairy […]

The Weekend WOW – 12/3/11

And now, my quirky/inspiring favorites of the week from the wide wide world of Internet. + WOW what an awesome new blog post: Tyler Stanton’s “A Beginner’s Guide to Helping Someone Move.” This post reminds me why I’ve felt awful about not being able to help my roommates move into our new place the past two years, and yet it simultaneously hilariously reminds me why I’m probably better off because of it. + WOW what an awesome old blog post: […]

The Fritz! – 12/2/11

Once Upon a Time This week’s episode, “That Still Small Voice,” was probably my favorite of the series thus far, an episode that focused on the beloved Jiminy Cricket. The theme for this episode was conscience. As in, “let your conscience be your guide.” Mayor Regina threatened Jiminy Cricket’s alter-ego, Archie Hopper, and told him to cast out her son’s fairy tale delusion rather than continue nurturing it. And so Hopper battled with his conscience throughout the episode, and we […]

The Fritz! – 11/25/11

Since both Once Upon a Time and Survivor were off this week, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Fritz! entirely to Whitney. No. Just kidding. I would never dare. The Amazing Race The episode began with a road block in which team members had to memorize a Hans Christian Andersen poem and bike through Copenhagen to recite their poem in front of the Simon Cowell of Danish theater. “I need more drama!” he cried after several lackluster performances. You know […]

The Fritz! – 11/18/11

Last week’s 11/11/11 Fritz! was quite magical, indeed. Alas, back to the boring reality of ordinary, non-magical dates. Survivor: South Pacific After weeks of standard boring single-eliminations, it seems Survivor‘s elimination gas pedal has been slammed down to full throttle with a second double-elimination episode in a row. At this rate we’ll hit the finale by Thanksgiving! Oh, right; we’re getting another useless recap episode this Thanksgiving. Guess who won’t be blogging about Survivor on next week’s Fritz!? Last week […]

The Fritz! – 11/11/11

It’s really quite amazing that this week’s Fritz! TV recap happens to fall on the most magically numerically aesthetically pleasing date of the year. ELEVENELEVENELEVEN. Man that feels good. Once Upon a Time The show and the story that keeps on amazing me. There’s basically two routes the show can take with its fairy tale characters: strictly re-tell the fairy tale stories we all know and love, or start taking us down familiar roads and throw a couple detours and […]