One Word 365: My Spring Check-In

My One Word 365 for 2012 is courageous. After five months of this slightly less sparkly new year, I wanted to check in with my spring progress. Not in a puff-myself-up kind of way, but more of a trying-to-stay-accountable sort of way. In short, it’s been a life-changing year. In long… I met with one of the most inspiring people I may ever meet. He’s a phenomenal writer and an even better person. Just been so blessed by this guy. […]

A Birthday Baptism by Buccaneer Bay

I was baptized last week. It was more “unconventional” in the sense that the event did not occur within the traditional confines of a Sunday morning service of a standard church building. I kinda like that. But though occurring on a non-churchy Tuesday night at a non-churchy water park, my baptism most certainly occurred in the truly Churchy presence of a dozen and a half dear brothers and sisters in Christ. My parents flew into town earlier in the day, […]

The Day Lies Died

I am worthless. I have no purpose, no “point.” I am doomed to fall, doomed to fail, repeatedly and hard, regardless of any earnest effort. Maybe because of my earnest effort. I am alone. I cannot love or be loved. Not the “right” way, whatever that even means. Having a spiritual “family” is an impossible myth. I have no courage; my “one word” for 2012 is a total joke. I cannot step out like others so effortlessly do. Other Christians. […]

Twenty-Five Turning

What’s been your most memorable birthday? Least memorable? TELL ME A STORY. Phew, crisis averted. JESUS JUKE. Please don’t hate this post; I’m getting baptized tonight. BORING. At least far more memorable than 23 or 2. All things considered, turning 25 is sure to be memorable for decades to come. Well, as much fun as one can have with one’s parents. My folks are flying into town for the occasion, so that’ll be fun times. That’s kinda cool. I’m getting […]

Why I’ve Never Been Baptized

Several years ago I watched my younger siblings do it. I’ve often wondered whether I would ever follow in their footsteps. Been questioned about it plenty of times. But I already have Jesus in my heart. I love Him dearly. He is everything; He’s the only thing. For nearly 25 years God’s will has superseded mine, despite countless stumbles along the way. I’m certainly not perfect, but I strive to do the right thing. To love people like God has […]