Weekly Web Wanderings: To Live in a Van

This is an exciting day. After a year-long hiatus, I’m finally bringing it back: my favorites from the last week in Internet! It’s The Weekend WOW — — actually, introducing my new series, Weekly Web Wanderings. WWW will similarly feature my favorite discoveries from this past week on the Internet, including music and blogs and tweets and whatever else I deem worthy of your wandering. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook for my wonderful web wanderings as they occur throughout the […]

The Superbowl: I’m Not Watching Today

For the first time in my life, the Superbowl won’t be in my agenda on this Sunday of All Sundays. Sorry, 99.8% of Earth. I’ve never been an overly huge football fan. Baseball, yes. Gosh yes. But football? To me, football encapsulates many wrongs within our culture: glorified obesity and praised masculine carnage. Like, whatever. Give me a bag of peanuts and crackerjack and take me out to the ballgame any day. Still, I’ve watched the Superbowl each of the last […]

Guest Postapalooza!

I’m on a bit of a guest post kick right now. Feels like I’ve blogged more for other blogs recently than my own. Fun times indeed. When you think of blogging, you probably think of a dude locking himself away in a coffee shop for hours on end — basically the antithesis of all things social. True, that has been me. On the contrary, however, I also love the constant interaction among these incredible Christian bloggers. Bummer that I had […]

Baseball is the Greatest Sport of All Time, Pt. 1

Today I have the distinct privilege of guest-posting over at THE Joseph Craven’s Greatest Blog of All Time. Finally posting in that elite realm pretty much affirms my worth in the universe. So here below lies the beginning of my two-part baseball-obsessed post. You can click the link at the end of this post for the remainder of part one, and be sure to check out Craven’s site next Monday for the second part! It’s like the gift that keeps […]