Why I Hated Blogging Every Day This Month

Before November could unleash her usual dread upon me, I decided I’d take a proactive approach with this month. Blog every day, I thought? Would that do it? Would that do the trick and make me somehow look forward to this month instead of loathe it every day? Some days were better than others. Some days were easier to blog. Some days, posts were planned; other days, I opened up this blank white screen clueless as to what would emerge. […]

Nothing Lasts. That’s the Beauty.

Before I embarked on what would ultimately amass a 9-month quest across the continent, I invested in some business cards with a personal quote on the back. Those 22 words soon encompassed something so much more than a mere road trip: I tend to wander. It doesn’t make me lost; it just helps me find things I didn’t know I was looking for. Now beyond the confines of Mile #26,301, that quote isn’t just a little quip anymore. It’s real; it’s my real life. Just the other […]

Basking in the Badlands for Billions of Years

The Lakota Indians called it mako sica. French trappers labeled the landscape les mauvaises terres à traverse. Deemed and doomed a literal “bad land,” this devastating terrain made farming and traversing — even existing — a difficult if not impossible feat. And so the Badlands were born; millenia later, the Badlands remain. Driving through the endless prairies of southwestern South Dakota, you wouldn’t see a place like the Badlands coming from ten yards away. But then you turn off the freeway and pay the entrance fee to this massive […]

My Last Exodus Conference: Lessons Learned

This is the second in an epiK three-part blogging series on my four-year return to the Exodus Conference. For the first part of this series, “Impressions,” click here. For the third part, “Onward,” transport yourself to the future. And then tell me how you did that cuz I wanna go too. When you attend an Exodus Conference (which, just for clarification from here on out, you won’t since Exodus is shutting down – but roll with me), you learn a thing or […]

“The Office” Finale: A Goodbye to Beauty

Last week, after 9 hilarious-sometimes-repetitive years, The Office finally said goodbye. Many thought the show should’ve ended the year Steve Carell left the show. I wasn’t necessarily in that camp at the time, though I wouldn’t have minded seeing the show bow with its lead actor after 7 successful seasons. At first, it was intriguing to watch the eighth season play without Michael Scott. I approved the reveal of Andy Bernard as new office manager, rooting for him in his new-found struggle for Michael […]

Random is Beauty

It never rains in southern California. Apparently we’re in a cloudless bubble apart from the rest of the world. Something like LOST island. It’s become commonplace that I wake up each morning and never for a second wonder if I should grab an umbrella before heading out the door, or a raincoat, or goulashes. Do people still wear goulashes? What are goulashes? So on those super rare days when the smoke monster runs rampant it does rain, I’m thrust into […]