The Weekend WOW: Wheel of Fortune Redemption Edition

Throughout any given week, I strive to share infuriating redemptive resonating inspiring acoustic things on my Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the week, I condense the very best of Internetdom into a WOW-tastic blog post I call “The Weekend WOW.” And what a wonderful WOW-tastic week on the World Wide Web it was. + WOW what an infuriating TV moment: C’mon,  Pat Sajak. I mean, C’MON. + WOW what a redemptive TV moment: But where Pat Sajak fails, Jimmy Fallon […]

Change is More Than Time Zones: Guest Post w/ Laura Coulter!

HEY FELLOW WANDERERS! Sorry for yelling, but I’m excited today. Thrilled to share a brand new post, straight from the mouth of the trout. But you won’t find it here. For the first time in a long time, I have the blessed opportunity to post on somebody else’s blog. And for the first time in ANY time, that blog is Laura Coulter’s. I found Laura’s blog in QUITE the unconventional/supernatural manner, via this one solid guy at camp last summer. I […]

The Weekend WOW Returns

Now that I’m “back” to blogging, I thought I’d start bringing back some of my occasional blogging segments from the past year. Sadly, The FRITZ shant be one of those things. I just don’t have the time to recap my reality darling, Survivor — because Lord knows I could wax poetic about this show all night long (especially when the increasingly rare GREAT season rolls around as it has this season). Be on the lookout for those lovely Top-11 lists and some TMZ Reviews […]

TMZ Exclusive: An Interview with Max Andrew Dubinsky

Before driving across the country last week, I met up with one of my favorite bloggers, Max Dubinsky. We both happen to live in southern California, and he graciously agreed to an in-person interview, thus unwittingly allowing me to break out the phrase “TMZ Exclusive” when such wording is usually reserved by that other TMZ for such “shocking” footage as Britney Spears forgetting her baby’s pacifier at a Greek restaurant. Max and I met in a snazzy LA alleyway and […]

The Weekend WOW – 5/18/12

I’m currently in Las Vegas as I type this. You’re probably not in Las Vegas. Well, maybe one of you out there is. Maybe. But no more than that surely. But just because you’re all (minus the one) not rockin’ it in Vegas with me doesn’t mean you don’t deserve being WOWed too. So let’s get the WOW rolling. + WOW what a blog post: “Why Your Quarter-Life Crisis is the Best Thing That Could Have Happened” by Paul Angone […]

The Weekend WOW – 4/28/12

It’s the last weekend in April. Are you happy or sad? Was April amazing or awful? Regardless of the a-word you would use to describe the last four weeks, I have a dose of amazing stuff I found on the internet this week, just for you. WOW, look at me. + WOW what a blog post: “Is God Boring?” by Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like. A world without sunsets or jellyfish? GET ME OUT OF THAT UNIVERSE. + WOW […]

The Weekend WOW – 4/14/12

It’s the post-Easter blues. Do those exist? Well if they do, I’m here to help cure them with some Weekend WOW goodness, now available in gluten-free! + WOW what a blog post: Max Dubinsky’s “Dear Me and You and You and You, We’re All Screwed Up, Forever and Ever, Amen.“ I’m pretty sure Max has the lead for most plugged posts on the WOW, and rightfully so. You wanna know who’s screwed up? I am, you are, and everyone in […]

The Weekend WOW: Easter Edition

Time for a special Easter edition of the WOW! + WOW what a blog post: “Heart Homelessness” by Alece’s Grit & Glory blog. Can you say “ditto that”? Also, check out Alece’s “Silent Saturday,” which just went up today. So much attention goes to Good Friday and Easter Sunday; love her thoughts on this hard day sandwiched between. + WOW what a music video: “Death in His Grave” by John Mark McMillan. In a word: chilling. In another word: freaking […]