When I Paid Seventeen Bucks for a Book with No Name

Would you ever buy a book without knowing the title, the author, or even the plot? I did. The independent bookstore downtown is a quirky little place. It’s where I take all my visitors for the tradition of taking their “YAY!” magnet pictures, and beyond books in genres like yoga-gardening and nude watercolors, you can also peruse an entire bookshelf of novels wrapped in plain brown paper with only themes from the contents within lining the cover. It’s like a blind […]

Look Up and Let Go

It’s time for another round of Wandering Wednesday: Guest Post Edition! Up today is a guy named Jason Clark, singer/songwriter/author extraordinaire. His new book, Prone to Love is now available, and it’s fantastic. I am so stoked to feature him today with his humorous wandering tale to New York City. Grand Central Terminal. Spring of 1993 – late afternoon… “I’m here!” I thought to myself. “Don’t look up and don’t let go of your bags.” Echoed in my head. It was […]

What’s Your Favorite Friendship Story?

I’m currently taking my pretty little time drafting a second book. I’ll soon divulge more info on that venture in an upcoming newsletter (sign up, won’t you?). In the meantime, though, I had a question for y’all. I was hoping we could have an extensive dialogue in the comments below. Here’s the question: What are your favorite stories of friendship and community? These stories can be fictional or nonfictional. They can come from the Bible or from The Real World. Books, […]

The Top-11 Things I Hope Not to Say to Donald Miller

This a post inspired by Rob Shepherd’s “Things I Hope To Not Say To @JonAcuff.” Mine is different because it is, obviously, about Donald Miller and not that other famous Christian blogger/author/cool guy. Whereas Mr. Shepherd recently united under the same roof as Mr. Acuff at this year’s Catalyst conference, I’m soon-to-be uniting under the same structure as Mr. Miller at Storyline. Additionally, my post’s title includes a “top-11” countdown element that Mr. Shepherd’s post lacks (I have a thing for […]

What Is A Good Story?

I’m currently re-reading Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It is, without question, my most favorite book. The Holy Bible would have taken the top spot were it not for one, but TWO tedious books of Chronicles. Side-note: I really hope you guys “get” my sense of humor by now. ANYWAY. Just two weeks from tomorrow, I fly across the country for Donald Miller’s Storyline conference in Nashville. I’m beyond stoked. It was something I semi-spontaneously registered for […]

EMPATHY: My #5 “Strengths Finder” Strength

Finally, it’s the fifth in a five-part series on Strengths Finder, a phenomenal resource from Gallup. Our culture has grown obsessed with fixing flaws, but Strengths Finder is all about emphasizing your innate strengths. I’ve already blogged about my #1 strength, INTELLECTION, my #2 strength, HARMONY, my #3 strength, INPUT, and my #4 strength, RESPONSIBILITY. Now, the final strength in my arsenal: EMPATHY. Before starting this Strengths Finder series, I naturally thought I’d count-down my strengths — start at #5 and gradually build the anticipation of my NUMBER […]

Why I’m Giving Away My Book (Again!)

It was a ludicrous idea: give away my first book. But I THRIVE on ludicrous. I mean, all you have to do is read the final 2 chapters of Struggle Central to realize how ludicrous I really am. Plus, I used to love mayonnaise sandwiches as a child. So, ludicrous was the way to go. This past April, I sent my eBook to over 100 of my newsletter subscribers around the world. Completely free. Could I have “done” this whole publishing thing […]

RESPONSIBILITY: My #4 “Strengths Finder” Strength

This is the fourth in a five-part series on Strengths Finder, a fantastic resource from Gallup. Our culture seems obsessed on exposing our flaws and weaknesses and how we can “improve” by altering or even reversing those traits. But Strengths Finder is all about uncovering your innate strengths and building those virtues. I’ve already blogged about my #1 strength, INTELLECTION, my #2 strength, HARMONY, and most recently my #3 strength, INPUT. Now, the journey continues with my #4 strength: RESPONSIBILITY. My first reaction to seeing responsibility among my top-5 Strengths Finder strengths […]