Love is Not the Greatest

I’ve watched approximately seven Boy Meets World episodes in their entirety, though plenty of passing clips. I’ve blogged about this show in the past, including its spinoff, because my younger sister would watch it after school, and the strong friendship between Corey and Shawn always kept my eyes craning. Lately, life circumstances have again caused me to draw from the well of this TGIF sitcom. Deep into the series, Topanga’s parents get divorced, and it scares her into breaking up with long-time boyfriend, […]

Weekly Web Wanderings: Jurassic Cello

It’s that special time of the week where I condense the very best of my world wide web wanderings into a single post. As always, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for all my wonderful web wanderings as they occur throughout the week. Onward to the WWW! JURASSIC WORLD In honor of the upcoming iteration of the Jurassic Park franchise, check out this woodsy instrumental of the original theme song. It’s kinda mesmerizing. Between this and “Oceans,” I think […]

My #RunningTo Road Trip Playlist

I spent 282 days on the road in a car without working speakers. Some might have called my predicament tragic. Many folks offered their disbelieving condolences over the course of 26,301 miles. But my speakerlessness had been nothing new. My Mitsy actually hasn’t had operable speakers since 2011. While initially tragic, my car’s thundering silence grew on me. Silence is awesome. You can talk to God, you can talk to yourself, and you can pontificate on all life’s mysteries while the road’s snaking […]

Song Altars: “In the Dust” by Brandon Heath

Throughout the Old Testament, the Israelite people constructed altars. Altars not so much for God as for themselves. They built altars in places where God had delivered them, so that whenever they passed back across those particular locations, they could see the victorious altars of yesteryear and remember. Remember the victory, remember the Victor. Last summer I helped construct my own physical altar while hiking a Pacific coast trail with some beloved brothers. Several months later, I unwittingly passed that […]

The Best of TMZ: My #3 Blog Post of 2013

Hey wanderers! I’m wrapping up a holiday blogging vacation, and I’m celebrating the end of 2013 with a countdown/countup of my top 6 posts of the year. If you’ve missed the DRAMA to this point, my #6 post of 2013 was “As Tom Daley Comes Out.” My #5 post was “Tenth Avenue North Songs: TMZ’s Top-11 Favorites.” And my #4 post of the year was “INTELLECTION: My #1 ‘Strengths Finder’ Strength.” Now, check out my third most popular post of the year: “Brandon Heath Songs: TMZ’s […]

Brandon Heath Songs: TMZ’s Top-11 Favorites

Over the last year-and-a-half, I’ve counted down some of my favorite things. It began with countdowns for my favorite Hillsong United and Casting Crowns songs. Then I branched away from music, listing my favorite pumpkin foods and books I’ve never read. But another musical countdown involving Brandon Heath is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’m pretty sure Brandon Heath and I are kindred spirits. His third album, Leaving Eden, all but confirmed this reality. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, my #1 […]

The Weekend WOW Returns

Now that I’m “back” to blogging, I thought I’d start bringing back some of my occasional blogging segments from the past year. Sadly, The FRITZ shant be one of those things. I just don’t have the time to recap my reality darling, Survivor — because Lord knows I could wax poetic about this show all night long (especially when the increasingly rare GREAT season rolls around as it has this season). Be on the lookout for those lovely Top-11 lists and some TMZ Reviews […]

The Second Worst Day of My Life

I’ve experienced some bad days in 25 years. Moving from Pennsylvania to Georgia as an innocent 12-year-old kid was pretty sucky. My dog’s sudden death left me in pools of undying tears. Now, add this past Monday to the Worst Day of My Life list. Monday was horrific. I took my car to the mechanic because of a check engine light and some rattling under my hood. Turns out Mitsy had just enough juice in her battered soul to travel […]