The Weekend WOW – 12/17/11

You look like you could use a little wowing in your life right now. Here. Try a tasty sampling of my favorite internetual items of the week. And I only used one teaspoon of sugar, if you can believe it! + WOW what an awesome new blog post: Bryan Allain’s “25 Reasons to Register for Killer Tribes Today.” Anyone want to lend (slash give) me a couple hundred bucks for a round-trip flight to Nashville? + WOW what an awesome […]

The Weekend WOW – 11/12/11

Now that I’ve existed in the blogosphere for a couple months, I thought it’d be fun to start compiling lists of things that grab my ever-watchful, ever-absorbing eye each week. I’ll call these weekend posts “The Weekend WOW,” because why wouldn’t I alliterate if given the cheerful chance? Every weekend I’ll just post several inspiring, humorous, or generally awesome internetual things for you to enjoy. So let’s get this first Weekend WOW rolling. My various favorites of the week! + […]