Goodbye, California

California, Growing up on the east coast, I always wanted to visit you. To venture to a foreign exotic land and bask in your palm trees and mountains and a neighboring ocean not named Atlantic. Forget visiting; I could have never imagined one day living within your 2000 zig-zagging miles of gorgeous borders. Upon actually living here, I could have never fathomed leaving. Four years ago, I set sail on a new adventure. At 23, I had no idea what I was getting myself […]

Running To: Leaving California and Hitting the Road

Last week, my beloved wanderers were let into a secret. They were among the first to learn of my dramatic future-to-be. Today, I thought I’d clue the rest of humanity into my momentous decision. I’ve been hinting at the news for a while. It’s been a hard decision six long months in the making. A decision I finally confirmed last weekend. I’m leaving southern California this summer. Soon, I’ll be packing up my Mitsy and hitting the road like so many times before. Only this […]

Change is More Than Time Zones: Guest Post w/ Laura Coulter!

HEY FELLOW WANDERERS! Sorry for yelling, but I’m excited today. Thrilled to share a brand new post, straight from the mouth of the trout. But you won’t find it here. For the first time in a long time, I have the blessed opportunity to post on somebody else’s blog. And for the first time in ANY time, that blog is Laura Coulter’s. I found Laura’s blog in QUITE the unconventional/supernatural manner, via this one solid guy at camp last summer. I […]

Korea vs. California: A Reason and a Season

I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. Ever since graduating from college in 2009, I’ve gone about some routine, hoping/thinking/praying I’m doing what I’m “supposed” to be doing. Whether it’s the “right” thing. Or if I’m in the “right” place. I think I belong in California right now. Pretty sure, actually. I’ve long prayed about it, been affirmed through certain circumstances and precious people. Emotional insecurity and natural car disasters now distantly safe in the rear view mirror […]

A Friday Night Lights Kind of Change

A dear friend has been powering through one of my all-time favorite shows, Friday Night Lights. How fitting that this incredible show serves as inspiration for this post. I’ve been back in southern California for nearly three weeks, and I’ve experienced quite the gamut of emotions in that span. Relief? Check. Loneliness, despair? Check, check. Hope, frustration, peace, utter uncertainty? Quadruple check. My third year in California has started like a bizarre spin-off series from the original story that was my first […]

Starting Over Again: The Tale of Westward Ho 2

Once again, my life is starting over in the same magical place. After a long week on the road, I’m back in southern California. Last night I stared out at the Pacific Ocean and felt certain peace to be back home. “Home” in the temporary sense that yes, this is where I am meant to be at this fleeting moment in time. And yet in gazing over Lady Pacific, I couldn’t help consider the oceanic challenges suddenly facing me: finding a […]

California Re-Bound? The Ongoing Saga of Traveling Golden Trout

It’s been a restful lazy arduous rocky month. I’ve deeply missed blogging. As my life greatly transitions with this snazzy new layout, I certainly aim to blog with increasing regularity. I suppose I should elaborate how California figures (or doesn’t?) into this grand transition. After a life-changing summer working at camp, I returned home to Georgia on August 10th.  Truthfully, I never thought to be writing this post in the Peachy State over a month later. My metamorphosis over figuring […]

Lessons in California Driving

When I got my California driver’s license this past fall, I had no idea I would learn so much about driving. I’d held a Georgia license for years, only to realize I knew nothing about driving. Let’s start with the front cover of my handy little California driver handbook: See, that right there was my first problem. In my seven years with a Georgia license, I’d never seen it, touched it, trusted it. I’m still not sure what “it” is, […]