Casting Crowns Songs: TMZ’s Top-11 Favorites

A little while back I counted down my top-11 Hillsong songs (“Hillsongs”?). After two months with my own little niche in the blogosphere, that post remains one of my most viewed. So that led me to assume one of two things. Well, three: People love Hillsong. People love top-anything lists. People love my talking about both of these things. After I wrote that top-11 post, I started pondering some other top-11 possibilities. And with the recent release of Casting Crowns’ […]

TMZ Reviews “Music Inspired by The Story”

One of my favorite things in life is hearing an incredible song for the very first time. Such a special, soul-bursting moment, and there’s really nothing quite like it. Except maybe bubblegum snow cones on a sultry day. One of my other favorite things in life is hearing an incredible album for the very first time, because, well, that’s like increasing the incredible song factor by ten-to-fifteen. Enter one such album: Music Inspired by The Story. The album originates from […]

Philippiansing at the Park

I figure I’ve done enough serious posts over the past week of opening this blog that I should break it up a bit and let y’all know that I do indeed possess a sense of humor and enjoy laughing and smiling and frolicking with butterflies amid the black-eyed susans. Since returning to California, I’ve gone to the park just about every day for some Philippiansing, running, and journaling time. What’s that? You want to know what that word means? Well…okay, […]