All We Like Butterflies…

We’ve been raising monarch caterpillars at work for the last month. A woman we affectionately dubbed “The Butterfly Lady” came in with an aquarium full of milkweed and caterpillars the length of your pinky nail — dozens of them. You’d have never noticed them from afar. Most of those poor things died. It wasn’t our fault. Apparently the milkweed had pesticide. The Butterfly Lady apologized profusely. For all the fallen caterpillars, three survived. And once we got them healthy milkweed to eat, they ate to their little […]

One Year Later: I’ve Forgotten All About You

One year ago today, I watched the sun rise over the rim of the Grand Canyon. It was the start of a road trip without limits. I had no idea when or even where it would end. One year later, now settled in Charlotte for the last three months, I’m still thinking a lot about that road trip. A day doesn’t go by when the skyline of Chicago or the shores of Maine or the volcanic waters of Crater Lake don’t flash like lightning […]

A New May Story: Staying in California

It’s May. These last two years, May has brought about a shift. A change. A drastic tide to the normal flow and current of my life. Leaving.  I tutor in September. I tutor in October. I tutor in November. I tutor in December. I enjoy the holidays. I tutor in January. I tutor in February. I tutor in March. I tutor in April. I tutor in May — And then I leave. Give May a week or two at most, […]

Change is More Than Time Zones: Guest Post w/ Laura Coulter!

HEY FELLOW WANDERERS! Sorry for yelling, but I’m excited today. Thrilled to share a brand new post, straight from the mouth of the trout. But you won’t find it here. For the first time in a long time, I have the blessed opportunity to post on somebody else’s blog. And for the first time in ANY time, that blog is Laura Coulter’s. I found Laura’s blog in QUITE the unconventional/supernatural manner, via this one solid guy at camp last summer. I […]

Korea vs. California: A Reason and a Season

I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. Ever since graduating from college in 2009, I’ve gone about some routine, hoping/thinking/praying I’m doing what I’m “supposed” to be doing. Whether it’s the “right” thing. Or if I’m in the “right” place. I think I belong in California right now. Pretty sure, actually. I’ve long prayed about it, been affirmed through certain circumstances and precious people. Emotional insecurity and natural car disasters now distantly safe in the rear view mirror […]

Election Day: When Everything Changes But Probably Not

After the longest nastiest most expensive campaign in history, it’s finally Election Day. I know, right? It’s like hitting LOST finale day after six arduous years of mind-bending mysteries. Forget the tropical polar bears; soon, this ultimate political mystery will be revealed. I long debated writing anything special for this occasion. I liken my non-discussion of politics to non-discussions of theology or salted meats. Confrontation. I can’t stand heated arguments. Especially within the Church. Especially among Christian butchers. I’d much […]

A Friday Night Lights Kind of Change

A dear friend has been powering through one of my all-time favorite shows, Friday Night Lights. How fitting that this incredible show serves as inspiration for this post. I’ve been back in southern California for nearly three weeks, and I’ve experienced quite the gamut of emotions in that span. Relief? Check. Loneliness, despair? Check, check. Hope, frustration, peace, utter uncertainty? Quadruple check. My third year in California has started like a bizarre spin-off series from the original story that was my first […]

Like a Christmas Tree Thrown Amid the Rapids

I wrote this doozy of a post on Facebook in January 2010. If you’re curious as to what I was feeling before I transitioned from Georgia to California, here you go. I thought it’d be fitting for re-posting on this day after Christmas, also known as the most depressing day of the year. *** I consider myself a fairly patient, easy-going guy. Haven’t always been this way, though. I used to be incredibly impatient and worried over how I’d get […]