Retreat. Rest. Recuperate. Repeat.

This past weekend, I joined my new church on a retreat to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’d been looking forward to the lodge getaway for a few weeks. A chance to connect with some new people in a more intentional setting. A chance to bask in one of my favorite parts of the continent. A chance to wander again. So imagine my dismay when I woke up Friday morning with a scratchy throat. A scratchy throat that escalated to a […]

The Best of 2014: My #5 Blog Post of the Year

As 2014 winds down, I thought it’d be fun to look back on the wandering year that was and countdown my top blog posts of the year. And what a unique year of blogging it was, split between 5 months in California and 7 on the road. Interestingly enough, all five of my most viewed posts occurred prior to my #RunningTo starting line. Not sure what that says about the quality of blog posts since my journey began in June, but OH WELL. So it […]

I Might Have Joined a Cult for 24 Hours

[A]s we pushed off the dock and the other guys got into their boats and pressed off, we back-paddled into the dark of the inlet, waving at the Goffs as they waved back at us. And then to our amazement, we saw all of them, fully dressed with shoes and jackets, take three steps together and jump into the water, coming up and waving and shouting their good-byes. — Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years DAY 90. […]

I’m Not Growing Anymore

Tonight, I sit alone. It is a night not quite unlike many prior Tuesday nights, secure within my favorite coffee shop on Earth. I am sitting by the window, the only such seat in this confined space, and the view downtown is lovely tonight. Just like every other Tuesday night. Coming to this coffee shop has been a weekly tradition stretching back many months living in this wonderful city. It is a freeing night to catch up on reading blogs […]

Donald Miller Hates Going to Church and I Do Too

I have few influences greater than Donald Miller, both inside my “real life” and out. His works have certainly impacted me as a writer; you could’ve played a drinking game with all my Donald Miller references in Struggle Central (drinking milk, of course). Beyond the mere sphere of writing, though, Donald Miller has impacted my very life. I owe much of my California journey to Through Painted Deserts, and meeting him at Storyline last fall was such a thrill. Donald Miller is […]

SEEK WEEK in Review: God Isn’t Enough

Two weeks ago, my church commenced its annual autumn tradition. It’s called “Seek Week,” a week-long “festival” of fasting and, well, seeking God. Seeing ROCKHARBOR’s five Orange County campuses unite at one location for five consecutive nights was such fantastic foreshadowing for the future: people of all churches, all nations, all cultures, all ages and eras uniting in passion and purpose. I’m so glad I finally got to take part in this year’s Seek Week. I fasted and focused on God in ways […]

SEEK WEEK! A Personal Request for Prayer

It’s been a fun few weeks here. After exhaustedly publishing a book in the spring and otherwise going crazy this summer (a couple of good crazies), it’s been awesome rekindling a blogging fire with my recent Strengths Finder series. I’ve also just redesigned my blog, and personally, I’m more enthusiastic about this blogging space than I’ve ever been. Naturally, then, this represents an ideal stopping point to briefly break from blogging. Allow my sarcastic self to explain. Truthfully, I have a million […]

“Struggle Central” Excerpt #3: Church Search Complete

Once again, it’s time for a sneak peak at my soon-to-be-published book, Struggle Central: Quarter-Life Confessions of a Messed Up Christian. If you’ve missed either of my other excerpts, check out my posts on shame in high school and feeling alone at church. Today’s excerpt takes me back to 2011 in southern California as I struggled to find a church community in the wake of a pivotal youth missions camp in Milwaukee. This special ROCKHARBOR journey would ultimately lead to baptisms and […]