My 11 Favorite Coffee Shops in America

After spending 282 days on the road in 48 states, I encountered dozens of coffee shops. I hit plenty of Paneras and Starbuckses from coast to coast, but I visited many local coffee shops as well. The stereotypical writer in a coffee shop that I am, all this coffee shop hopping was actually one of my favorite facets of #RunningTo. They might seem to blend together with all those other buildings further fueling America’s dependence on foreign beans. But you learn so much about a […]

8 Coffee Shop Frequenters

Ever since I moved to southern California, I’ve been an avid stereotypical writer in a coffee shop. Starbucks was my original standby, but then I discovered the much more intimate Panera setting. And my eyes were opened. Plus, you can’t beat the Panera rewards card. I MEAN, THEY GIVE AWAY FOOD AND DRINKS FOR FREE. THAT’S INSANE. I’m certainly a coffee shop frequenter, so let me tell you about the types of people you’ll find there. Whether you’re in southern […]