When Hillsong United’s New Song “Hurts Like Hell”

Hillsong United released Empires last week, debuting at #5 on the Billboard 200. “Christian worship band” notwithstanding, it’s an impressive showing. Though Empires doesn’t resonate with me as much as last year’s Zion, it’s still a solid offering. If nothing else, Hillsong United keeps reinventing itself with every album. It’s crazy hearing the Hillsong United of today compared with Hillsong of the 90’s. Were they even called “United” back then? Hillsong United — indeed, worship music at large — has journeyed a long way since “Shout to the Lord.” There’s a song […]

Why I Used the F-Word in My First Book

I’ve been wanting to write this pestersome post for almost a year now. But I’ve also really wanted to avoid it. I’ve wanted to pretend like “the issue” didn’t exist or matter and, like, whatever. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Avoidance works for a while. Sometimes, avoidance works for a long while. After a long while, though, avoidance hurts more than action. It distracts, it obsesses, and it cripples. And so, I think it’s finally time to write this pestersome post. I […]

Cursing Christians: Finding the Line

I am not a vile person. I’m a sensitive guy. One of those guys who has restrained his burps for 25 years because I know it’s gross when someone next to you burps like a blow-horn. I basically just don’t burp. Like, ever. Not even when I’m alone. Call it a gift. Or a really weird hidden talent. Talk to anyone who knows me intimately, and you’ll find I’m not one for cursing either. Well, mostly. Cursing On My Blog […]