Nothing Can Get Me Here

Walking into base Friday morning, I was confused where I’d be spending this short half-shift. One board had me listed with the same group as last time, another board had me back with Matt and the recovering addicts, and yet another board had me with an entirely new group of teens altogether. Turns out I’d be spending my five days with a couple of those groups. I’d start with the same group from last shift, but within the same afternoon half the kids […]

I’m Worthless. I’m Pointless. I’m Hopeless. I’m Pathetic.

What a strange and comforting thing last week to find myself awakening in the same tufted mountains that changed my life three years ago. The differences between that Christian camp of yesteryear and my current youth wilderness therapy program are many, but the pristine setting was the same. We hiked the second tallest mountain in Georgia one sunrise, and I cried at the impossible beauty of it all. Stood and stared and sighed and shook my head at the three-year journey it’s taken to bring me back. […]

The Weekend WOW: Wheel of Fortune Redemption Edition

Throughout any given week, I strive to share infuriating redemptive resonating inspiring acoustic things on my Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the week, I condense the very best of Internetdom into a WOW-tastic blog post I call “The Weekend WOW.” And what a wonderful WOW-tastic week on the World Wide Web it was. + WOW what an infuriating TV moment: C’mon,  Pat Sajak. I mean, C’MON. + WOW what a redemptive TV moment: But where Pat Sajak fails, Jimmy Fallon […]