WWBGD: What Would Bob Goff Do?

Bob Goff is one of my heroes. I first heard about Bob in a Donald Miller book, and then he wrote a book himself. After reading Love Does, I got the sense that Bob Goff does something epic and whimsical every single day. He rides an Indian elephant to work or makes a balloon elephant for a child or rides an Indian elephant with a child while making a balloon elephant for said child on the way to work. In recent years I’ve […]

On This Good and Not-So-Good Friday

27 years ago, I was born on Good Friday. I spent that Easter Sunday of 1987 in a blessed hospital, though the specifics are a bit fuzzy. I haven’t celebrated a “true” Good Friday birthday since I was 5 years old, and I won’t celebrate another Good Friday birthday until I turn 84. This year, my mid-April birthday fell closer to Good Friday than it has in the last decade of Good Fridays. Over the last 24 hours, removed from the ritualistic confines of “church” for […]

The Weekend WOW – 4/14/12

It’s the post-Easter blues. Do those exist? Well if they do, I’m here to help cure them with some Weekend WOW goodness, now available in gluten-free! + WOW what a blog post: Max Dubinsky’s “Dear Me and You and You and You, We’re All Screwed Up, Forever and Ever, Amen.“ I’m pretty sure Max has the lead for most plugged posts on the WOW, and rightfully so. You wanna know who’s screwed up? I am, you are, and everyone in […]

Easter is Nonsense

Easter is the epitome of the illogical turn of events. People don’t just roll away massive unmovable boulders. People don’t escape from inescapable tombs. People don’t cheat death. And yet one person did. A person unlike any other. A person who claimed to be 100% man, yet 100% God — math that makes no sense. Today makes no sense. In an “enlightened,” science-driven world, we need an explanation for everything. We need to prove exactly how many millions of years […]

The Weekend WOW: Easter Edition

Time for a special Easter edition of the WOW! + WOW what a blog post: “Heart Homelessness” by Alece’s Grit & Glory blog. Can you say “ditto that”? Also, check out Alece’s “Silent Saturday,” which just went up today. So much attention goes to Good Friday and Easter Sunday; love her thoughts on this hard day sandwiched between. + WOW what a music video: “Death in His Grave” by John Mark McMillan. In a word: chilling. In another word: freaking […]


No new Wandering Wednesday video-blog since today is Ash Wednesday–gotta catch ’em all. But fear not, next Wednesday is only a week away, and those magical redwoods will still be magical then as they were before as they are forever and evermore. I never grew up in the religious tradition of Lent. For the longest time it seemed an enslaving exercise void of passion or purpose–something you had to do, but didn’t really want to do, if you were being […]