Eastward Ho! The Grand Finale

I’ve been eastward ho-ing on this blog for ages, it seems. A nice parallel to my ever-winding trip itself. I truly can’t put into words (or video) the impact this road trip had and still affects on my life. From Vegas to Chicago to Pennsylvania and everything in between, my appetite for new and nostalgic experiences alike was quite well fed. There are simply some moments in life I’ll never forget: my semi-spontaneous drive north for the 2008 Phillies championship […]

Eastward Ho! Pennsylvania Pride

I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania before moving to Georgia at 12 before moving to California at 23. Pennsylvania always comes to mind whenever I think of my earthly “home,” and yet the western part of this great state had always been such a mystery. Until this trip occurred, that is. I entered PA through the “back door” and saw the unexpected beauty of Harrisburg, a now defunct Joe Paterno memorial at Beaver Stadium, and AT LONG LAST the blessed shoe […]

Eastward Ho! Chicago at Night

Last time, I chronicled my eastward trek from Omaha to Milwaukee. I didn’t film much in Milwaukee because, well, I was pretty emotional. In this next chapter of my journey, I elaborate on my Milwaukee angst. After 24 hours in Milwaukee, I hit the road at night and drove south toward Chicago. I’d had no intentions of visiting Chicago on this trip. I knew I’d be driving through it, but I also knew it would be late at night and…well, […]

Milwaukee Paradise

Several months ago I reentered Milwaukee a year removed from the most life-changing summer of my life. Midway through the summer I blogged about that heavy drive into the city; here now is the continuation of that tale, recounting my 24 hours back in sweet Milwaukee. After parking on all too familiar Logan Street I stumbled from my car and walked around the Lutheran church that served as my team’s housing site last summer. Perhaps the most eerie stroll I’ve […]

Eastward Ho! Milwaukee Dread

Last time on Eastward Ho, I lost approximately 8 years of my life lost in the boredom desert of Nebraska. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. In this episode, I reach the Nebraska/Iowa border and say hey to the city of Omaha. And then I quickly skedaddle out of there, zooming across Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin en route to the city that changed my life last summer: Milwaukee. The city that would ultimately change my life all over again. I’ve already blogged […]

Eastward Ho! Rocky Rockin’ Nebraska

Eastward Ho was the greatest solo venture of my life. I’m only halfway through posting my video recaps, as the fun was just getting started with my next chapter. Nebraska was awesome! So many exciting roadside attractions! Thrilling adventure around every turn! Beautiful scenery surrounding you! I’m just kidding, Nebraska was horrible. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT WASN’T WORTH VIDEOTAPING. Of special note in this particular video is my stop at an official (now retired) Pony Express station. It’s still […]

Eastward Ho! Introducing Denver, Starring Harrison Ford

As I transition from 24/7 camp-life to the “real world” again, I’m posting videos from my eastward trek across America last May. I’ve already posted about Las Vegas, and then again. Last time, I was in Utah where I admired rocks shaped like shoes and Mormon forts. Up today comes my brief stop in Denver, a city I knew — and still know — absolutely nothing about. But aint nothing better than walking around an unknown city at 6am on […]

Eastward Ho! Utah, Metah, Wealltah

For the next week or two I’m posting videos from my May eastward trek across America. I’ve already posted about my stay in Las Vegas, and then because there was so much absurd glitziness to absorb, I posted another Vegas video. Alas, eventually I had to leave my sin behind in Sin City. That brought me to Utah — though not immediately, as you’ll see in this video. Utah was gorgeous, as you’ll also see. I only wish I’d have […]