Eastward Ho! Searching Vegas, the Sequel

In my last Eastward Ho chronicle, I found myself on a desperate search for Subway in the heart of Las Vegas. And while I eventually found said Subway only to eat dinner at Panda Express instead, I realized I could find anything in this city. So I soon began another search. This one held slightly more significance than a building that sells delightfully fresh sandwiches. Although finding the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign proved more difficult than I […]

Eastward Ho! Hungry in Vegas

As I continue recuperating and recharging from an exhaustive summer at camp, I’m excited to FINALLY start posting the videos of my epic eastward road trip from California to the east coast. Such a life-changing trip; I’m forever grateful. Up first for Eastward Ho is a stop in Las Vegas, the first of two videos from Sin City. Both videos there involve some fairly committed searches on my part. This particular search was driven by my hunger and some handy […]

Eastward Ho! THE MOVIE

Now that I’m back home in Georgia, recuperating from a draining yet life-changing summer at camp, I thought I’d finally get around to uploading those countless videos from my spring trek across America: “Eastward Ho,” as I’ve liked to call it. Or just EH for short. But I promise this trip was anything but “eh.” ┬áSince I’m currently in a blogging crisis and have no idea how to get those gears turning again, I thought these videos would be a […]