One Word to Sum Up Our New Future:

One more political-ish post. And then hopefully not another until (at least) the next election. I’m so glad it’s finally over. Give us at least a couple weeks to recover, media. Please. People are feeling stuff today. It started at sunrise as I drove to work and interacted with a coffee barista and fellow coworkers and students and it continues with reactions on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else I look online. People are stunned. People are disheartened. People are […]

How Well Can You Read?

So, I’m currently gallivanting about the Southeast. As you read this, I’ve just had the BEST time of my life at the Storyline Conference in Nashville, and now I’m kicking it back home in Georgia for a few days. I mean, I’m sure the conference was great. I’m actually writing this post from the past week in California, but it had to have been awesome. (Unless I awkwardly bumped into Donald Miller and said one of these 11 things…) Since […]

EMPATHY: My #5 “Strengths Finder” Strength

Finally, it’s the fifth in a five-part series on Strengths Finder, a phenomenal resource from Gallup. Our culture has grown obsessed with fixing flaws, but Strengths Finder is all about emphasizing your innate strengths. I’ve already blogged about my #1 strength, INTELLECTION, my #2 strength, HARMONY, my #3 strength, INPUT, and my #4 strength, RESPONSIBILITY. Now, the final strength in my arsenal: EMPATHY. Before starting this Strengths Finder series, I naturally thought I’d count-down my strengths — start at #5 and gradually build the anticipation of my NUMBER […]