The 10-Year Reunion I Swore I’d Never Attend

Ah, high school. The zippy theme songs, brightly colored walls, and laugh tracks that followed you from classroom to lunchroom to locker room. Wasn’t life grand? Our elderly headmaster often told us high school amassed “the best days of our lives.” But if those days in the early aughts made up the best days of my life, my days in 2015 are numbered. I slammed my alma mater pretty hard in Struggle Central. I didn’t necessarily set out to do so, but I couldn’t lie about […]

To Drown Myself and Be Weak

I’m tucked in my sleeping bag amid poison ivy and dirt. I’m sliding down uneven earth, and I readjust my sleeping bag atop my backpack to compensate. It’s pitch black. I have a headlamp, but I’m not allowed to use it. The students won’t have headlamps, so I can’t use mine. I can’t use my hammock either. Not yet. Not during this first phase. Drums are beating in the black beyond my slanted tarp. Earlier today a wild man invited us to join his drum […]

The Best of 2014: My #3 Blog Post of the Year

I’m in the midst of an end-of-year countdown featuring my top-5 blog posts of the year! If you missed #5, click over here. If you missed #4, click over there. And if you missed #3 . . . PSYCHE, you didn’t miss it. Because here it is! It’s from April 15, and it’s called “I’m an Enneagram Type 4: An Introduction.” This past spring I wrote a four-part series on the Enneagram, a personality system that splits humanity into nine distinct types, […]

Life as an Enneagram Average Type 4: What Normal Tom Looks Like

I’ve been recently blogging about Enneagram — the personality model that defines humanity into nine particular “types.” I started with an Enneagram intro, then examined the life of Unhealthy Tom and Healthy Tom. Today, I conclude this Enneagram series with my life as an average Type 4 “Individualist.” It’s the life of Normal Tom. Most of life isn’t depressing. Most of life isn’t amazing. Most of life is just…normal. Most of life is driving to work and navigating grocery store aisles and falling asleep to buzzing televisions. Most of life feels quite average. I’ve […]

Life as an Enneagram Type 4: What Healthy Tom Looks Like

I’ve been recently blogging about Enneagram — the personality model that splits humanity into nine definitive “types.” What follows is the third post in a brief introspective series about my life as a Type 4: “The Individualist.” Check out my Enneagram intro if you missed it. Last time, I blogged about Unhealthy Tom. Today, I examine the lighter side of being a Type 4 — the life of Healthy Tom. “All healthy people are awesome. Even 4’s,” jokes my Enneagram aficionado of a friend. He’s a 7, the extroverted extreme […]

Life as an Enneagram Type 4: What Unhealthy Tom Looks Like

I recently blogged about Enneagram — the personality model, not the board game. The Enneagram Institute splits humanity into nine definitive personality “types,” each interconnected with the other types. What follows is the second post in a brief introspective series about my life as a Type 4: “The Individualist.” Today, I examine the darker side of life as an unhealthy Type 4 — the unhealthy life of Tom. “Unhealthy people are scary,” says my friend, the Enneagram aficionado who first introduced me to Enneagram. It’s kinda funny, the […]

I’m an Enneagram Type 4: An Introduction

The first time I heard of Enneagram, I thought it was spelled “Anyogram.” I thought it was a board game. I figured the objective was to make up “any” word you could along with a faux-definition for it. Alas, Enneagram is quite different from Anyogram, the board game currently not sweeping the nation. Enneagram is actually a personality model that defines the human race into nine particular “types.” I’ve become such a sucker for personality stuff, so I quickly set […]