Love is Not the Greatest

I’ve watched approximately seven Boy Meets World episodes in their entirety, though plenty of passing clips. I’ve blogged about this show in the past, including its spinoff, because my younger sister would watch it after school, and the strong friendship between Corey and Shawn always kept my eyes craning. Lately, life circumstances have again caused me to draw from the well of this TGIF sitcom. Deep into the series, Topanga’s parents get divorced, and it scares her into breaking up with long-time boyfriend, […]

When Life Gives You Pissy Mattresses…

Since flocking my East Coast nest three years ago, I’ve felt like something of a wanderer. A vagabond. Beyond my lack of a stable home or a “big boy job,” one particular element of my westward move has lent to such a wandering feeling. It’s been my consistent lack of a bed. Think about it: beyond a car, beyond a job, beyond even a house itself, what makes you feel grounded? You come home after a long day at school […]

TMZ Reviews: Blue Like Jazz

I recently saw Blue Like Jazz. What’s Blue Like Jazz, you ask? Isn’t that a book, you ask? How can one “see” a book, you ask? Why was this a real thing, you ask? Well, I can answer all but one of those. Blue Like Jazz was originally a book, yes, but it is now a film. The nonfiction book, written by the great Donald Miller, chronicles the author’s adolescent journey through faith with many spiritual essays. Miller’s “sequel” of […]

When Faith, Hope, and Love Collide

During training week at the beginning of my YouthWorks summer, everyone in my area group was given a leather cord to act as a prayer bracelet for the entire summer — a reminder to pray for fellow staff in our own city and the 2 others in our area. But while the original intent of this bracelet was to remind me to pray for my Milwaukee team and the two Puerto Rico teams in my area (don’t get me started […]