Song Altars: “In the Dust” by Brandon Heath

Throughout the Old Testament, the Israelite people constructed altars. Altars not so much for God as for themselves. They built altars in places where God had delivered them, so that whenever they passed back across those particular locations, they could see the victorious altars of yesteryear and remember. Remember the victory, remember the Victor. Last summer I helped construct my own physical altar while hiking a Pacific coast trail with some beloved brothers. Several months later, I unwittingly passed that […]

The Exodus Altar

This past weekend, I went hiking with two friends. We hit the dust at 7am, venturing to the coast of Laguna Beach, the Pacific Ocean bashfully greeting us beneath swirling molasses of white fog. It actually wasn’t my first time hitting those hilly coastal trails. Two months prior, I hiked at this very location with 15 other guys. 15 courageous inspiring men who mean the world to me though I hardly even “knew” most of them, really. I met many […]