West Texas Highways and Lingering Essays: A Wandering Wednesday by Lauren Bailey

It’s time for another summer installment of Wandering Wednesday: Guest Post Edition. Today I’m honored to host Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99 @gmail.com. Lauren, let your wandering tale now commence: It was a late December day at maybe five pm or so. The sun was setting to the west and throwing colors of grey and pale orange all across the desert-y landscape. I was driving in my small silver car down […]

Lost in Yosemite: A Wandering Wednesday by Kevin Haggerty

IT’S SUMMERTIME BABY. Well, maybe for you it isn’t yet. Maybe you’re still taking classes or maybe the summer solstice hasn’t officially hit or maybe you’re living in Australia where it’s currently weirdly winter. Regardless of your/Earth’s situation, my camp-counseling self needed some blogging help this summer. And thus I present, “Wandering Wednesday: Guest Post Edition.” To kick off this summer series, Kevin Haggerty — or K-Haggs, as I never call him — is here to talk about a time […]

Calling All Guest-Posters!

So…here’s the thing. For 8 months now, I’ve loved expressing my silly/serious entanglement of thoughts on this blog while “meeting” some incredibly lovely individuals. In short, it’s been great. In long, it’s been grrrrrrrrreat. But my blog is going to be significantly less active soon. By next week, I’ll have driven completely across the country in preparation for a summer-long camp counselor position in North Carolina. Who knows where I even am today as you read this post, since I […]