Inhaling Grace: Reacting to Fred Phelps’ Death

According to a recent¬†USA Today article, Westboro Baptist Church’s Fred Phelps is “on the edge of death.” In another article, Fred Phelps’ estranged son further reports that his father had been recently¬†excommunicated from the very church/cult he founded. A man rejected by his own hate group, now facing death’s doorway mere months later? The whole thing is just bizarre. While many will undoubtedly cheer the death of a man who singlehandedly made GOD HATES FAGS an infamous “thing,” I find […]

Westboro Baptist Church Freedom

Westboro Baptist Church fascinates me. Though not a perfect metaphor, I liken this fascination to that with colorful characters on Survivor. And by colorful, I basically mean despicable. I’m looking at you, RUSSELL HANTZ. For those unfamiliar, Westboro Baptist Church lies at the geographic center of America: Nowheresville, Kansas. The church was started by Fred Phelps, and much of Westboro’s members consists of his family, with some vagabonds sprinkled in there too. For years, I’ve watched interviews and read articles […]