I’m Not at Camp this Summer

It didn’t fully hit me until two nights ago: I’m not at camp this summer. I remember feeling the weight of this strange reality early into last summer’s decision not to return to Camp Ridgecrest. Later in the summer, however, I remedied the restlessness of the situation by working and volunteering at not one, but two local camps. This summer is different. As I came home to my hosts in Olympia after a day of #RunningTo wandering, I saw Major League Baseball’s All Star Game playing on […]

today we’re younger than we’re ever going to be

I’m still recuperating from my days in “Extrovert Land,” and am still very much processing my time in Nashville at Donald Miller’s Storyline conference. Next week, I’ll begin a blogging series recapping my transformational time in Tennessee. I can’t wait. In the meantime, I was perusing some of my old pictures and came across one that I’d taken a while back. It was one of those random, just-walking-along images that causes you to stop and not only snap the picture, but […]

Camping Fails Again: Non-Rapture, the Sequel

Several months ago an ancient crusty dude named Harold Camping made news the world over with his perilous end-of-the-world prediction for May 21. I wrote not one, but two blogs about it while interning with Revelife this past spring, and look at me, writing about the same ancient crusty dude five months later. This time, for the last time. Assuming he doesn’t actually put forth yet another doomed prediction. In case you hadn’t heard what became of Camping after his […]